Trying so hard to be "Good"

New York City 6:30pm (Part 1/2)

The technology
The new suit

Bernie watches New York City live from a bird's eye point of view as he is perched up on top of the Chrysler Building. The sun is still visible but it was with out a doubt noon as you could tell the dark was creeping up in the air. Bernie was anxious at the moment just waiting for some thing to happen in the city, waiting for crime to show it's face as it usually does around this time. Eventually he gets his wish too as police sirens sing in the air in pursuit of a fleeing carjacker. The time to take action was now and Bernie made sure his new suit was on good to go. As soon as he confirmed it was good he took a leap of faith off the building and looked at his wrists, because on his wrists were two pieces of technology he had been working on for quite some time now. The pieces of technology were basically web-shooters with gave him a way of transportation and really brought together the whole spider theme he was going for here. Every second he got closer and closer to the cities ground below as he fell and could fell his stomach turning, he keeps repeating to himself "This can't fail. This can't fail. This can't fail." and puts the web-shooters on his wrist to work. There's a second delay, he panics, and then the web-shooters work. The web that is emitted sticks to different parts of the wonderful city and now he's soaring through NYC like Tarzan, he even lets out a playful "Wooo Hooo!" in the join of the moment. The police chase was far ahead, but in little time he catches up with car thief's vehicle and lands gracefully on the roof. "Please pull over sir!" Bernie exclaims. Of course those words fall on deaf ears and the chase continues. Bernie turns around and faces the pursing officers then motions for them to slow down. They do listen but are obviously ready to call in another officer who can finish the chase at any moment. Now with the target all to himself Bernie shoots several pairs of webs a few feet in front of the thief's car that eventually form a large and durable net. The driver tries to make a hard turn to avoid the net but the car quickly flips on it's side and is now tumbling straight into web and all of it's speed is halted abruptly. Bernie found a good time to hop off the car and watched his plan all come together perfectly on foot.

The police soon arrive to the scene and take the thief in to their custody. A few of the officers came up to Bernie and said things like "Your too ruthless" or "We can handle it next time Spiderguy." and with that Bernie exits the premise without a word to an alleyway where he soon finds a beaten and distress woman who is hugging a small crying girl very closely. A worrying Bernie asks the two "What happened here? Is there anyway I can help ma'am?" She turns her attention away from her daughter and then to the man in red and blue and says "We just ran into a group of freaks who beat me in front of my daughter and took my purse. They took my phone too so i couldn't call the cops." Bernie crosses his arms looking for clues of where the crooks could have ran off, but couldn't find any. This was odd considering the fact the Bernie had solved several crime scenes like this one before. The sound of the little girl's scream as she runs off calls Bernie's attention to the woman who was now holding a pistol in hand. Before Bernie can ask why or make a move, the woman shoots. The bullet is cold like the ground he laid bleeding on and he can feel himself blacking out as he mumbles to himself "A trap... of cour-" Then he's out like a light.

Chicago 11:45pm (Part 2/2)

Bernie wakes up in a grave yard hidden away from the face of society. He's covered in cuts and bruises he's sure he didn't have before he was shot. The bullet in his stomach is still there and it makes it's presence well known as Bernie tries to stand up and burns like hell along with the rest of his injuries. When he does find his way to his feet he slowly limps to the direction of a small star of light he can see in the distance. With practically every step the light gets bigger and more blinding. "am I... Dead?" he asks himself quietly and then he pinches the bridge of his broken nose and he replies to the question "No of course I'm not dead, because there is no way I'll make it into heaven when I die." He laughs a bit at his own joke which makes his lungs burn, then he continues onwards towards the light. Soon he comes close enough to the light that he can see the the source of the light was from a number of large over head lights that point towards a single wooden chair. The chair seats someone who looks to be asleep. Bernie approached the person slowly, but soon comes to find that the person in the chair is covered in wounds and bruises similar to those of Bernie's. The person in the chair was a man of a muscular build and was clothed in the tattered remains of a gray and black spandex suit. The man looks up at Bernie with dual black eyes and busted swollen lips and whispers "Get *cough*cough* o-ou-" Before he can finish his statement his head catches a bullet following the sound of a pistol. Bernie jumps back and traces the sound of the pistol's song to a group of 3. The one with the pistol was now reloading and their left their was a larger and more built man and to their right there was a man about Bernie's size who runs full force at Bernie in hopes of finishing this fight. His attempt is cut short when Bernie temporary blinds him with two patches of web aimed for his eyes and he is taken down by a series of acrobatic attacks. "Do I have to do all the work around here?" the large man complains as he makes his way towards Bernie. Now that he was in the light Bernie could see that this large man was dressed in white leather and a wrestler's mask to cover his entire face. "Now you sir, look like the kind of guy who would be nice enough to tell me where i am!" Bernie jokes as he narrowly avoids the large man's attacks. The masked man responds with his raspy and intimidating accent "It doesn't matter where you are son!" The man in white grabs Bernie by the neck and lifts him high into the air with little effort. The person with the gun responds with her smooth feminine voice "This is where you like many other 'heroes' will soon die." Bernie hardly says "I know that voice... Your dead when I-" He is then is slammed to the cold ground below him which knocks the breath out of him, but he pulls through and leg sweeps the larger man to his level. Now that the large man was down Bernie was on top of him and landing punch and after punch to the man's face, but he hears a loud *POW* and a bullet graces his head just barely missing a kill shot. "Time to go to sleep sir!" Bernie says as he delivers one last thunderous blow to the large man's jaw knocking him out. Another shot is fired and catches Bernie in the shoulder. "Get over here!" Bernie says as he steals possession of the pistol from the woman with a well aimed shot of web. The woman who had previously shot him entered the light now and fell to her knees begging "Please show me mercy!" Bernie points the gun in her direction and she screams "PLEASE! NO!" Bernie intimidatingly asks her "What was this all for?" She replies in terror "You heroes have large prices on your hea-" *Pop* she is pistol whipped unconscious by Bernie and he throws the pistol down. He then takes a seat beside the hero in the chair who wore gray and black and says to him self "F#$%^ being good!"

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Killed it

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the final line though lol 
Bernie is very interesante 

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@Surkit: thank you :)

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I like it...

Great job man!

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