All that Jazz

The soft drums kick in and Bernie escorts his partner for the night to the center of the club for the dance she'd been asking for all night long. The maestro on the piano was working the notes like velvet stitching and the detective's partner followed every beat with an equally graceful step. Bernie kept up with her well enough to look classy.

They swayed together like it was prom night and the band played like they may not see another day.

It was beautiful balance thrown off by none other than the local police. They weren't there to join the melody, but find the killer that had slipped out of their sight a few hours ago.

"Wonder what their here for?" She said to Bernie with her ever alluring Spanish tongue.

Bernie replied softly enough for only the two of them to hear "Oh, don't worry about them my love. They just saw me murder some stranger a few blocks back without my mask and they think they can actually catch me."

He laughed a bit after responding, but she replied with a loud "What!" lucky the saxophone sang it's lovely song loud enough to drown out her bellow.

"Babydarlinghoneypie, shhh. If you say things that loud it'll draw more attention to us." Bernie whispered

"I... I... You're insane." She responded in a pitch as loud as his own

"I thought my insanity was the reason you liked me golden-girl."


"Keep it down please sweet-treat."

"I liked you because I thought you reminded me of that guy from The Voice"

"Adam Levine? We look absolutely nothing a like you shallow bitc-"

She then slaps the maniac and yells out loud to the investigating cops "Your murderer is right here boys" and turns back to her former date with a sincere "I hope you drop the soap when you're in jail bitch!"

The band stops playing their marvelous tune...

Bernie's a bit shocked...

And the cops weave their way through the other couples. The club clears out and that leaves Bernie alone with the men and women in blue.

"Well damn. If I had a nickle for ever time this has happened to me I'd have like-" He's cut off by a speeding bullet just narrowly missing his cranium. Determined not to let another bullet stray so close, he makes quick work of the cops with near peak perfection martial arts skills and escapes once again, only this time, a little distracted by the Adam Levine comment from earlier

"Is it the hair? It has to be the hair."


New Ontario Rough Draft

The Congress of Paladin came from a dying parallel universe and offered the world the best knowledge and resources of their home. They gave a compelling story of the fall of their universe and played up the tears and emotion for effect. They said all they wanted was to see to it that this universe didn't face the same destruction they saw theirs crumble to. So of course when all was said and done they were allowed to set up base in Ontario. They promised to respect the most note worthy pieces of the province while also innovating the land and making it an example of what they could do with the whole world. So without further ado you have New Ontario. The literal Best of Two Worlds.

Mass Locations:

The Niagara Falls

Just as you loved It before, the Niagara Falls have been untempered with and even in the distance looking towards Ontario from NY, it looks just as you might remember it on your favorite post card. Being that it has been an important part of this world since the 17th century, not only is it a magnificent site to see but also a historical one. Come alone or bring the whole family, either way everyone will enjoy themselves here.

The Midlands

Paladin Meeting Building
Location of: Mall, Restaurants, Bar etc.
Events Courtyard

This is were the advance innovations of the Paladin are most apparent to the public. The climate has been artificially enhanced to give the lands that refreshing 'evening in the Rio De Janeiro' feel and that's just the tip of the ice as you'll soon notice the beautiful architecture of almost every city here. The midlands are often refereed to by the locals of New Ontario as the 'tourist hot spot' as this is were you will find the most popular events, shopping malls, bars and other boutiques N.O has to offer. You can also find the meeting building of the Congress of Paladin in the heart of these lands (currently open to public visitation). There is space for new business to be planted here (as long as they fit certain regulations) and for people to live in.

More of Midlands spots to visit

The Peace Club- A very simple and jazzy club hosted by the providence's local talent. The bar here offers exotic drinks and encourages interaction between citizens. The most Paladin propaganda is also found here in subtle places such as their crest on the bottom of the glasses and looping commercials advertizing their technology between shows on the TV screens.

Amber's- Inexpensive hotels that require no reservation. The hotel is an adaption of a similar brand from the Paladin's universe. Amber's offers an elegant mix of french and parallel universe design. There are rooms for a single visitor and rooms for whole families (of up to 8). All locations feature at least a pool and morning breakfast. V.I.P rooms are also available at all locations

The Northernmost lands

A walled off location location
A non-walled off location

The Paladin insisted these cities become where most business is done and after much negotiation they were even able to get certain cities in these lands walled off to open visitation for 'scientific' purposes. Now of course most of the cities are open to the public so they can see the best of the Congress' Eco-Hybrid technology with brilliant mixes of their 21st century architecture and use of green energy. The stores and clubs that are available in these lands are few and far between, but are mostly focused on pleasing the wealthier visitors and Paladin's more exquisite/ expensive tastes. Some of the cities in these lands do require a test be taken to inspect certain visitor's powers and power levels, but only a select few.

More of the Northern Spots to visit

Club Beaux Jours- It's hard to miss with it's exotic design and even harder to get into with its strict 'reservations only' policy. Once you're in the club though it has been described to take visitor's breath away with its unique decor and fine wines. The club has V.I.P rooms that offer even more to those who can afford it. Beaux Jours is also highly regarded for it's alluring gambling scene, mixing both games of the CVnU and the games of the Paladin's Universe.

Hotel Bleu- A relatively private hotel that can usually only house about 10 visitors at a time. It's really more of a honeymoon or high-end vacation spot then a public hotel.

Le Centre De La Vitesse- The home of the Northern land's businesses. Many civilian jobs are held here so it can be a bit crowded, but on the edges of this location there are spas and other luxury locations. Some people enjoy the simple pleasures of natures parks though, and this is where you will find one of New Ontario's parks.

*Open to new businesses*

The Government & Secret Military

The government is really only the Congress of Paladin (made up of 7 members currently). They are calm and understanding in public, but aspire to create a 'perfect' universe no matter what they have to do. The Paladin do accept new members but only Uncanny authorizes that for now.

The military was compose entirely in secret as they were technically not allowed to create one. The military is compromised of only the most radical followers of the Paladin and have to be willing to cut off any and all connections to their past lives to join. They act entirely in shadows and usually silence those oppose the Paladin's idea's. Recruitment is open and handled by Uncanny as he has to inspect those who wish to join and suit them based on their specialties. The soldiers outfits are specifically tailored to the wearer's abilities for now, while the numbers are low.

The Truth behind closed doors

Cartofor: Leader of The Paladin

The Congress of Paladin did come from a dying parallel universe, but it was not destroyed because of some unpredicted force, but by the Paladin themselves as they saw too many flaws in their 'imperfect' civilization. They were the Illuminati of their world and ruled it in unlimited power. The whole of the Illuminati/Congress was controlled by Cartofor or Uncanny as he's been called in the CVnU.

They're using Ontario as platform to slowly gain the trust of the CVnU's most powerful and spread their influence.

The Eco-Hybrid technology they flaunt in the Northernmost cities, contains nano technology that spreads through the air and slowly infects the minds of civilians. Making them more 'perfect' in the ideas of the Paladin.

One of the U-Species

The northernmost cities are also where they develop their secret weapons, armors, and U-Species (an army of androids they intend to have replace the humankind). The reason why some cities are walled off and require power inspections to be taken is so, the U-Species won't be uncovered by the likes of powers like x-ray vision.

The Paladin being from a parallel universe have duplicates in the the CVnU that share very similar traits such as weaknesses, so for personal reasons the Paladin never remove their helmets amongs non-Paladin.

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step 1 else where

This is were demons come to eat each other alive.

Hundreds of challengers would gather around two men in hopes of taking down the champion.

The Pit as it's called, was located in the center of Chernobyl.

Too toxic to battle in without skin protection, the place had developed a lucha libre-like tradition were the loser was declared once a mask was ripped from a competitor's face. A practical death sentence as the chemicals in the air would ravage the bare skin.

So what's to win? The treasures of your opponent and most of all followers who either respected or feared you.

There have been several matches here throughout the years, but only one consistent champion.

The Con Trai Máu. The Blood Son.

The Uncanny

Just today he had faced several challengers and won many riches, but there was still one man brave enough to still want to challenge the monster instead of just watching him work.

No one had ever heard him speak, but word had got around that he preferred to be called


Not a moment was wasted as Uncanny stepped in the center of the ring of men and called out to the Blood Son with his calm and demanding voice "You wanna fight? Then let's Fight."

The champion replied with a mocking "You're so small boy... You know the risks yeah?"

"Don't waist your breath. Let's get this over with."

Uncanny said before holding up his fists to the 10ft. tall warrior's sword.

In hopes of ending the strife quickly, the Blood Son swung his blade with a blinding speed, but unexpectedly misses. As soon as the giant notices he's missed, a large mass of earth shoots out of the ground from under him and impales him through the right leg. Hooking him to one spot.

A split second later he could feel the distinct pain of the air literally being ripped from his lungs and soon being displayed in a bubble in front of him. His attention was trapped on the bubble even as he endured eminence pain. He witnessed as the trapped oxygen turned into fire and then refilled his lungs.

Behind him, Uncanny orchestrated the attacks with various body motions the whole time.

"I win." Uncanny declares as he peels the helmet off the defeated revealing a mass of ash that once the champion of the Pit.

All those who had witness the "clash" were dead silent with amazement and Uncanny took the moment to capitalize "Any challengers..? No? Well then I'd like to make a proposition to you... My new followers... The world! Let's amass it for our-selfs"

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Trying so hard to be "Good"

New York City 6:30pm (Part 1/2)

The technology
The new suit

Bernie watches New York City live from a bird's eye point of view as he is perched up on top of the Chrysler Building. The sun is still visible but it was with out a doubt noon as you could tell the dark was creeping up in the air. Bernie was anxious at the moment just waiting for some thing to happen in the city, waiting for crime to show it's face as it usually does around this time. Eventually he gets his wish too as police sirens sing in the air in pursuit of a fleeing carjacker. The time to take action was now and Bernie made sure his new suit was on good to go. As soon as he confirmed it was good he took a leap of faith off the building and looked at his wrists, because on his wrists were two pieces of technology he had been working on for quite some time now. The pieces of technology were basically web-shooters with gave him a way of transportation and really brought together the whole spider theme he was going for here. Every second he got closer and closer to the cities ground below as he fell and could fell his stomach turning, he keeps repeating to himself "This can't fail. This can't fail. This can't fail." and puts the web-shooters on his wrist to work. There's a second delay, he panics, and then the web-shooters work. The web that is emitted sticks to different parts of the wonderful city and now he's soaring through NYC like Tarzan, he even lets out a playful "Wooo Hooo!" in the join of the moment. The police chase was far ahead, but in little time he catches up with car thief's vehicle and lands gracefully on the roof. "Please pull over sir!" Bernie exclaims. Of course those words fall on deaf ears and the chase continues. Bernie turns around and faces the pursing officers then motions for them to slow down. They do listen but are obviously ready to call in another officer who can finish the chase at any moment. Now with the target all to himself Bernie shoots several pairs of webs a few feet in front of the thief's car that eventually form a large and durable net. The driver tries to make a hard turn to avoid the net but the car quickly flips on it's side and is now tumbling straight into web and all of it's speed is halted abruptly. Bernie found a good time to hop off the car and watched his plan all come together perfectly on foot.

The police soon arrive to the scene and take the thief in to their custody. A few of the officers came up to Bernie and said things like "Your too ruthless" or "We can handle it next time Spiderguy." and with that Bernie exits the premise without a word to an alleyway where he soon finds a beaten and distress woman who is hugging a small crying girl very closely. A worrying Bernie asks the two "What happened here? Is there anyway I can help ma'am?" She turns her attention away from her daughter and then to the man in red and blue and says "We just ran into a group of freaks who beat me in front of my daughter and took my purse. They took my phone too so i couldn't call the cops." Bernie crosses his arms looking for clues of where the crooks could have ran off, but couldn't find any. This was odd considering the fact the Bernie had solved several crime scenes like this one before. The sound of the little girl's scream as she runs off calls Bernie's attention to the woman who was now holding a pistol in hand. Before Bernie can ask why or make a move, the woman shoots. The bullet is cold like the ground he laid bleeding on and he can feel himself blacking out as he mumbles to himself "A trap... of cour-" Then he's out like a light.

Chicago 11:45pm (Part 2/2)

Bernie wakes up in a grave yard hidden away from the face of society. He's covered in cuts and bruises he's sure he didn't have before he was shot. The bullet in his stomach is still there and it makes it's presence well known as Bernie tries to stand up and burns like hell along with the rest of his injuries. When he does find his way to his feet he slowly limps to the direction of a small star of light he can see in the distance. With practically every step the light gets bigger and more blinding. "am I... Dead?" he asks himself quietly and then he pinches the bridge of his broken nose and he replies to the question "No of course I'm not dead, because there is no way I'll make it into heaven when I die." He laughs a bit at his own joke which makes his lungs burn, then he continues onwards towards the light. Soon he comes close enough to the light that he can see the the source of the light was from a number of large over head lights that point towards a single wooden chair. The chair seats someone who looks to be asleep. Bernie approached the person slowly, but soon comes to find that the person in the chair is covered in wounds and bruises similar to those of Bernie's. The person in the chair was a man of a muscular build and was clothed in the tattered remains of a gray and black spandex suit. The man looks up at Bernie with dual black eyes and busted swollen lips and whispers "Get *cough*cough* o-ou-" Before he can finish his statement his head catches a bullet following the sound of a pistol. Bernie jumps back and traces the sound of the pistol's song to a group of 3. The one with the pistol was now reloading and their left their was a larger and more built man and to their right there was a man about Bernie's size who runs full force at Bernie in hopes of finishing this fight. His attempt is cut short when Bernie temporary blinds him with two patches of web aimed for his eyes and he is taken down by a series of acrobatic attacks. "Do I have to do all the work around here?" the large man complains as he makes his way towards Bernie. Now that he was in the light Bernie could see that this large man was dressed in white leather and a wrestler's mask to cover his entire face. "Now you sir, look like the kind of guy who would be nice enough to tell me where i am!" Bernie jokes as he narrowly avoids the large man's attacks. The masked man responds with his raspy and intimidating accent "It doesn't matter where you are son!" The man in white grabs Bernie by the neck and lifts him high into the air with little effort. The person with the gun responds with her smooth feminine voice "This is where you like many other 'heroes' will soon die." Bernie hardly says "I know that voice... Your dead when I-" He is then is slammed to the cold ground below him which knocks the breath out of him, but he pulls through and leg sweeps the larger man to his level. Now that the large man was down Bernie was on top of him and landing punch and after punch to the man's face, but he hears a loud *POW* and a bullet graces his head just barely missing a kill shot. "Time to go to sleep sir!" Bernie says as he delivers one last thunderous blow to the large man's jaw knocking him out. Another shot is fired and catches Bernie in the shoulder. "Get over here!" Bernie says as he steals possession of the pistol from the woman with a well aimed shot of web. The woman who had previously shot him entered the light now and fell to her knees begging "Please show me mercy!" Bernie points the gun in her direction and she screams "PLEASE! NO!" Bernie intimidatingly asks her "What was this all for?" She replies in terror "You heroes have large prices on your hea-" *Pop* she is pistol whipped unconscious by Bernie and he throws the pistol down. He then takes a seat beside the hero in the chair who wore gray and black and says to him self "F#$%^ being good!"


"Kill"ection: A collection of all Bernie's after dark adventures

CVnU Los Angeles

Bernie entered the crime scene of what he had heard was a murder of a 37 year old man who was famous underground for his gang connections and high rank among the bloods. The scene had been cleaned up pretty well by the L.A.P.D, but none of the officers working on the scene could find solid clues as to who the murder or murders were.

The L.A.P.D sheriff saw Bernie doing his own investigating and made his way over to the man. "Find any'a clues yet Mr.Argo?" the sheriff asks

Without looking back at the sheriff Bernie Replies "No... Whoever the killer was sure as hell knew how to cover his tracks" that being said, Bernie was lying right through his teeth, because this was all executed in only a way he knew how to in this city. Bernie him self was indeed the killer here.

The sheriff replies rather eagerly "Ya'think it could be that Classic Killer I've been hearing so much about lately?"

Bernie looks back at the sheriff and simply motions as if he had no clue and exited the scene in shame of the fact that he hadn't broken the habit yet.

Random Facts About Your Character

  • When committing a well planned out murder, Bernie always starts at the torso and mixes it up depending on the victim.
  • He is pretty well respected in the crime investigation business, but he doesn't like to talk about it much out side of work.
  • Once he botched a murder and had to make it look like he too was a victim to get off clean. To make it look convincing he stabbed his left shoulder and broke both his right thumb and elbow.

Random Facts About Your Character pt.2

  • Has solved and helped solve over 38 crimes
  • Has murdered over 56 people

Chicago CVnU

It's cold and dark out. The city sings it's usual song of beauty so loud that everyone is interested in participating and joining in by working and driving there modern Vehicles. It's so busy around here no one notices the newest victim of the Classic Killer as he is being carted away by his murder and dumped into a random unlocked car in the alleyway of a locally owned pub. His lifeless corpse makes a loud thump in melody with the rest of the city as it is dumped in the trunk and locked there. The Killer wipes off his blade and prepares to cover his tracks after mumbling "That was not worth the trip here... But... At least he was an easy kill."

Chicago CVnU pt.2

(*Quick rundown of what happens here below)

Lucky Day

Many stories up high, John Partelli sleeps alone and in pitch darkness. Outside his elegant room, the city continues on as it usually does, but with the expected addition of strong winds and a fierce thunderstorm. Eventually one of the sky's screeches wakes the man up with a shock and he races out of his bed to his large glass windows that looked upon the city. When he pulls open the curtains that hid the glass windows he expects to see how bad the weather is, which he does see, but only behind a dark masculine figure outlined by the light of lighting. "Da F#$^ is..." He says to himself seconds before he grabs his Model 870 Express (a shotgun). As soon a he can confirm a good grasp on the rifle he aims it at the window he saw the figure in, but now clearly nothing was there even as the lightning struck. A faceless voice speaks from the darkness of John's room "No wonder you're one of the largest crime lords in this city with toys like those eh, Mr.Partelli?" The man swings his gun around in every direction trying to find the body of the voice but finds nothing. Eventually he can see what looks like a set of large glowing eyes and he shoots in the general direction, for a second it's quiet and then a hand is at Partelli's throat and a knife at his gut. The force that got a hold of him was too strong and he dropped his shotgun so now he was utterly defenseless. "How'd you find me? H-how did you get in here you piece of-" Before he can finish his questioning he is hit hard by a headbutt and knocked out.

Eventually he wakes up in front of a police station's front doors tied up with no way of escape and a broken nose. To his left though he can see a note that had been affected by rain but was still legible: Consider your self lucky Mr.Partelli... Usually when I meet guys like you they don't get the chance to keep living.

(basically Bernie tracks down a crime lord and hands him over to the officials instead of killing him this time)

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