TTBA's favorite Street Level Characters

I figured after being in a good amount of Street Level Tournament's I'd post a list of my favorite Street Level Characters.

These are in no particular order but are characters I love to use in Tournaments & Debates. The list will be composed of heroes, anti heroes, neutral parties, and villains.


List items

Posted by kidman560

@thetruebarryallen no not cool Iron Fist is my number one for tourneys you cant have him or Cage or Panther or Deadpool those are my guys. no but seriously go through my images and go under my Iron Fist tab, I have collected a great deal of scans and currently waiting to upload more see if you like any

Posted by TheTrueBarryAllen

@kidman560: Hahaha, Iron Fist is a great character, I never really use Cage in debates but I commonly add Iron Fist to my teams if I'm using heroes.

I've got a pretty decent collection of scans too, over 100 or so in a folder on my computer :)

Posted by kidman560

damn thats more than i got. wow i am sitting comfortably on around 40 to 50

Posted by kidman560

@thetruebarryallen: some reasons to like Cage

this one for sure

including but not limited to Cage busting Iron Clad in one shot (cage is class 25 Iron Clad is like class 80 or higher) beating absorbing man, and doom

Posted by TheTrueBarryAllen

Hm, Cage seems pretty great in terms of strength. I might have to try and use a 'Heroes 4 Hire' team sometime!

Posted by Wolverine08

Glad Daredevil and Iron Fist got nods.