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"What goes around comes around" 0

The Flash issue 7 reunites writer Geoff Johns and artist Scott Kollins to take on a single issue starring captain Boomerang. The issue is titled "Rogue Profile: Captain Boomerang". The issue stars none other than Captain Boomerang breaking into Iron Hieghts looking for answers and he turns to the long time enemy of both The flash and the Rogues, Proffessor ZOOM! While doing this he is reflecting on his life thus revealing the orgin story of Captain Boomerang. Captian Bommerang breaks Proffessor ...

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Agent orange part 1 0

 Green Lantern issue 39 starts the four part storyline titled "Agent Orange" and stars Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern who was presented the Blue power ring of hope after the previous storyline Rage of the Red Lanterns. In this issue, The Gaurdians are threatened by a foe they met with along time a go. The Alien named Larfleeze is the only bieng in the universe who wields the orange Lantern of Avarice. He has come to get what is rightfully his from the gaurdians and sends a giant orange version ...

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Batman 619 review 0

The pieces come together in the shocking conclusion of the epic 12 part storyline "Hush". Batman issue 619 ends hush and reveals who the true villain is in the end. Tommy Elliot was really Hush in the end (That was really obvious) ,but after that was revealed it revealed the master mind behind it all. The master mind was the person you would least suspect, the Riddler, one of batmans most famous foes. The issue is written by Jeph Loeb and is amazingly drawn by one of comics super star artist Jim...

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