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ya wtf 0

I mostly agree with the goatwrench (I never thought I'd say that), but I thinking / hoping that they are setting us up for an every more twisted eddie. They've dived pretty deep in to creating a dark sick human being, I don't think they did that so he can redeem himself, they're just preparing us for much much worse. \I friggin hope at least, or I'm not touching Zeb Wells work again....

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Why are super villians so dumb? 0

This guy is supposed to be a god eh?, hmm he is kind of RETARDED. Blah blah blah, is all he did the whole issue, trying to get the location of the sword out of Dara, but when (spoiler) Julie busts in, they have a conversation before Julie throws the sword at Dara, straight across Zakros.. as if he could not just take the sword, I can see a thousand ways he could've snatched thw sword right there, story over. But no wait, we're supposed to swallow that and listen to Zakros talk about being a god....

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Profile: Zakros 0

Besides the most important part of this issue, the insight on Zakros, there was a little bit of reflecting being done by Dara. Haha, she's taking stock of the fact that she can walk.. and her Father's student, Justin (who has been tagging along, now that he is a fugitive, and knows some stories Dara's father told him), brings up a good point; she can do MUCH cooler things with the sword than that. So why isn't she practicing a bit with the sword? whip it out, measure how high you can jump, see h...

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The Art of Fear 0

I have just started reading Catwoman again after a ~5 year hiatus, and I must say I've been impressed by the last few issues. I like the angle Adam Hughes is using to present Selina, learning some of Batman's Art of Fear, and employing it; but also, knowing Batman well enough to use his preparations against him, and see through him.Keep it up!Positives of this issue: Partly an issue reflecting on previous events. Partly an issue gearing up for some revenge. It got an old reader interested agai...

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Two-face kicks ass 0

The battle Two-face has with these thugs is great, check it out seriously. It's so short but the three pictures are great, I hope I can find some extended Two-face battles like this one. The guy is a demon, i bet he stuns people with his face just before he shoots them three times (hitting the heart too I bet lol).I don't know what else to say for the 100 word limit, except that it is a dumb limit and I wish it were like fifty words at least. This is really really dumb, blah blah blah blah blah ...

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another slow storyline, here's the short version 0

Bane beats down Ese's 2 buddies (does Ese have a background?) and gets her to be "[he's] judas goat" so that he can retrieve a bomb and the wonderful gun he holds in the cover. Bane mentions to Ese that he has a boss, and he gets Ese to drag a case (which holds the bomb, which Ese doesn't know yet). They start to head to Hall of Records (which Bane reveals to Ese upon arriving) and kills some of the Penguin's gang members and others on the way, and making it seem as if Harvey Dent was the one ki...

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