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I was disappointed with this issue. The panels did not flow well. It seemed clumsy and forced. The art work was great but made almost no sense at times. As far as the fights, it is as though none of the writers bothered to use any of the vast cannon to see what a real fight would look like.

How I see it (and I may be wrong) is Marvel is going to make sure the Avengers win the battles regardless of the years of Marvel Universe of cannon that would say other wise. They will win and look great winning until May 4th. Because who wants to go see a movie about a bunch of heroes that lose fights? (cough cough Kick-Ass cough) After the big box office opening then the X-men will start winning the fights. In the end neither side will win. No real losers, because something will happen to stop the fighting. Enter Phoenix/Hope.

I was really hoping these fights would be more epic. I am disappoint.

By the way, the "Fun Facts" where painfully annoying. I made the mistake of reading the first couple and just then, a little something in side me died. I had to avert my eyes from reading any more thereafter. WTF, when did comics become VH1 Pop Up hits? They are distracting and makes it impossible to take any thing going on in the panels seriously.

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While there is a lot of talk about Namor and LC based on the header pic, and while I agree that Bendis is crazy if he thinks LC could ever beat Namor in a fight, let a lone a fight in water, there is, for me a bigger issue. That is that we have a front line defensive force with the likes of Magneto, Namor, and Colossernaut. Not to mention a whose who list of the most powerful mutants in the world. These people have not been simply being heroes. They have been fighting for their lives almost their entire lives. They haven't been sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, they have been in a non stop battle piratically every day for years. Spider-man had the best idea, I wouldn't want to get into that battle either.

Here is how I see it. Enter Magneto;

Hey, nice ship. [Magneto rips it apart like a piece of paper] But using Colossernaut as a cannonball is fun too.

Hey Capt' that amazing shield isn't made of metal by any chance? [Magneto sends it into synchronised orbit with Mars]

Tony Stark you have a choice would you a. like to be launched in to the Sun or b. crushed like a soda can on recycling day? [Magneto doesn't even have to look to do this]

[Magneto to Wolverine] Logan, have you forgotten how I liquefied all the animantium in your body and syphoned it out through every pore and orifice of your body? [I know I'm digging deep for that one and a lot has happen to Magneto since then but still one of the most awesome scenes ever]