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@goldenbat said:

Can't wait for the BatgirlDeath of the Family tie-in #15! Who has Joker planned for Batgirl to marry? Nightwing? Batman? Or Joker himself? So excited!

I can't wait for #15 - should be called Wedding in the Family, can't wait to see what'll happen...

Hopefully Babs marries Joker, and beats the crap out of him.

That's karma, Mr J.

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@goldenbat: I agree. Oracle was great, but Barbara didn't choose to become paralyzed. Becoming Oracle was coincidence, not choice, but Barbara did choose to be Batgirl and protect Gotham City against crime. So, though Oracle was great, if I were in charge of making decisions at DC, I would have made the same decision - to bring Barbara back as Batgirl. And @goldenbat is right - the black and yellow looks the best on Barbara. She's pretty hot...

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I personally think Olivia Wilde would be a great Wonder Woman - she has the looks, she has the intensity, and I definitely think she has the ability to play the 'strong', 'independent' woman, whilst maintaining the 'alpha female' mentality... but that's just my opinion.

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@X9 said:

It's NEW 52 and to be honest, Cass and Steph were never truly Batgirls for many people. Me, for example, I liked them, but as Black Cat and Spoiler.

I agree - Cassandra Cain was a better Black Bat (not Black Cat) and Stephanie Brown was great as Spoiler. People are picking New 52 Batgirl apart harshly and criticizing Barbara - even her fans are finding flaws in her performances throughout her series. To be honest, of course not all issues have been 10/10, but in comparison with tonnes of other comics out there, this is hardly a bad one, and deserves, in my opinion, more credit then it's getting. Also, this is only my personal opinion, but Barbara Gordon is the only Batgirl in my opinion. Sure, Cass and Steph held the mantle for a few years, but Babs is the only one who, in my mind, is the perfect Batgirl.

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@X9: I completely second all that. Knightfall is awesome, and hopefully she'll hang around and cause more trouble in later issues in the series. But realistically, I think she'll vanish from Bab's repertoire, or at least until Death of the Family is over. And don't worry, I'm not underestimating Selina. Selina Kyle is definitely one of the most crafty, agile and fierce women in the DCU, but is she really capable of destroying Knightfall?

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It's only a matter of time until DC releases a Wonder Woman film. With a Justice League film promised, DC will be forced to first produce a Wonder Woman film; similarly to Marvel releasing Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America films before releasing The Avengers, DC will have to release Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman Films. Batman has already been done, and Superman is on it's way next year. But what about Wonder Woman? Green Lantern co-writer Michael Goldenberg has been hired to write a script for Wonder Woman, but no actress has been cast. Yet. Personally, I think Olivia Wilde would be the perfect Wonder Woman. Check out the picture below, and give me your thoughts.

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Personally, I have no idea what will unfold in this issue. One possibility is that Batgirl will defeat Knightfall. Why? Because Knightfall, although being one of Gotham City's most vicious villains, is not completely evil. I think Batgirl will convince her that her goal - to remove crime from the streets of Gotham - is good, but that the means by which she is carrying out her goal are bad. Very bad. Evil. Batgirl will not defeat Knightfall physically, but psychologically. As we can tell by the cover art, Batgirl, after being stabbed in the back by Knightfall, is in no shape to fight, so physical combat is out of the question. And I doubt Batwoman is coming back for more action.

Another possibility is that Catwoman and Batgirl will team up to destroy Knightfall and her three henchmen, Katharsis (the winged woman), Bleak Michael (the acid guy) and Bonebreaker (the tough chick with purple hair). The reason I think this may not be the case is because if Batgirl and Batwoman combined couldn't destroy the deadly trio and their master (in issue #12), then how will Batgirl and Catwoman do the job, especially considering Batgirl is now critically injured? After all, Batwoman is a trained fighter, whereas Catwoman is a thief. Don't get me wrong, I think Catwoman's amazing, but seriously...

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Knightfall Decends has been, without a doubt, an amazing story arc. Phenomenally written, beautifully illustrated (see #13 cover art below), Batgirl has not (yet) disappointed. Finally, the conclusion to the epic saga has arrived, and as we prepare for the release of Batgirl #13 on October 10, we can be sure that Batgirl will put up the fight of her life. And to turn up the heat, guess who's dropping in on the action? Catwoman!

So, as the DC Universe's two leading ladies get ready to rendezvous; what do you think will go down in this killer issue, are you looking forward to it, and why?