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Ok, I'm gonna go with your suggestions, but I'm gonna ask, any suggested reading order/materials for the Lanterns and Legions stuff?

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Grifter should come at the same time period as Voodoo in my opionion as at the end of Voodoo #3 we see the same creatures featured in Grifter.

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Ok guys, I'm sure a lot of you will have seen this topic many times before, but here it is again to rear it's ugly head as I couldn't seem to find any topic that answers my questions. Oh and for those just briefly scanning this topic and posting simple answers like "This happened because XYZ", sorry, but as I post later in here, I want to experience these things first hand, so please refrain from those type of answers. Wall of text begins now!

First off let me start by telling you guys that I'm pretty darned new to comics in general. (You can find a lot about what I mean from my first blog post). As we enter the number fourth month of the New 52, it's really beginning to bug me, seeing references to stuff that happened in the old post-crisis universe.

I need to know about these things darn it! How was the Sinestro Corps formed? How did Dick Grayson end up as Nightwing? What did Barbara do as Batgirl? What happened between Talia al Ghul and Batman, for Damian to come about?

Yes I know some of this will probably be discarded in the New 52 or made irrelevant somehow, but I want to know this backstory so I can better appreciate the new materials. I know I could just Google the answers to many of these questions and get simple answers, but I don't want that. I want to experience it for myself!

After a lot of research I've come to the conclusion that a lot of the stuff I need to know comes from Crisis on Infinite Earths and the stuff that follows. I've even managed to track down a few reading orders for COIE. What I can't find however is what stuff I should be reading before the buildup to COIE and what storylines that do crossover into the main series I should give my time to. Do I read the entire storyline of All Star Squadron that was being built up prior to #50 for instance?

Also, what major events do I read after COIE? Is there anywhere I can find a reading order of what to read between these? For instance at the very least I want to follow anything remotely related to the Bat series (Catwoman and supervillain mini-series etc) and Green Lantern, but I want it all! I don't just want the major events for these characters. Do I just read them as they were released, or would this be a foolish and confusing idea?

Well I think I've covred everything I needed to know, so I'll leave you guys to help me out.

Thanks in advance guys! And sorry for the wall of text!

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Hey, I don't seem to be able to find the option to synch my Facebook account with my Comicvine account. I'm reasonably certain this isn't a bug, but I couldn't find any sort of 'technical support' forum to post this in. So please moderators, if this is in the wrong place, go easy on me! It's only my second day and still learning the ropes.

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You just know Comic Book Guy is gonna have something to do with this episode.