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@ultimatekey: Correction, Fan BingBing is Chinese. And I thought that if Blink every appears on live-action scene she would be played as someone of Afro-Caribbean descent too. I could have seen her being played by Rihanna who is would have looked great with nice bob and lavender hair/skin. But still I like both the actress and the characters, though I wish her skin was a bit more lavender. I hope they use her and her powers to full effect in the movie because I hate how some characters powers/skills are left on the floor when that skills of power could have been used to great effect.

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Okay, I know we know who is dad is (the Black Manta) and that Mera knew this mother but really what do know of this origins - who is his mom. I have an idea who it could be. In the comics they said and I quote from the comicvine page/comics:

While pregnant with Jackson, his mother was attacked and apprehended by Xebelian outlaws in a lifeboat within the Bermuda Triangle. After taking the mother to Xebel, the Xebelian’s performed experiments on Jackson and his mother in an attempt to discover a biological escape mechanism from their underwater prison. His mother was killed during the experimentation, while Jackson lived. The experiments that were performed on Jackson gave him powers to manipulate water constructs, breathe underwater, and instantaneously grow webbed hands and feet.

Mera, fearing that the Xebelian’s or the Atlanteans would kill Jackson due to his suspected power to open the prison within the Bermuda Triangle, kidnapped him when she left Xebel. Mera brought the boy to a surface couple, who raised him as their own in New Mexico.

I think that Mera lied about his origins to project him from his mother who is her own tiwn sister, Hila. Hila, herself, has allied herself with the Black Manta several times and had once been exiled to the Bermunda Triangle. It could possibly be that she could never well be his mother especially after Brightest Day and Hila is current in pursuit of Aqualad and Aquaman for unknown reasons.

I know several fans who come to this conclusion too and believe to be true possibility. What do you guys think?

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It has many meaning in Swahili it means "handful", in Turkish (its a girl name), "Oya" means "lace", "Irish lace", and/or "lagestromia indica," in Japanese "Oya" means parent(s), and lastly in Yoruba "Oya" it literally means "She Tore".

I think that the Yoruba meaning more connected to Idie as Oya is the name of the Yoruba Undergoddess of the Niger River and Idie herself is Nigerian (from Nigeria) Oya is seen as the warrior spirit of wind, lighting, fertility, fire, and magic - she also creates hurricane, tornadoes and guards the way into the underworld. Oya like other mutants who have taken the names of a goddess or god (ie. Indra) are some times seen seem to take on figures of those gods such as Idie’s figures - Oya was said to have face of great expression with big and open eyes. Also, Oya is the spirit of change, transition and chaos which can be seen in her how she views her powers and how in the future is seems to be more a calm with herself and her being a mutant - possibly even becoming the leader of the X-Men. Also I think that the codename connects to Idie faith more than anything as she Catholic and Oya (also known as Our Lady Of Candelaria) in the Catholic faith is a patron saint (of the Canary Island and St. Theresa). The Virgin of Candelaria is also depicted as a Black Madonna and has attributes are dark skin; baby in her right hand and a candle in her left hand and is saint gives rebirth and heals through the coldness of fire.

Idie is literally Oya - is she torn between two elements (water/ice and fire) while also being torn between her Catholic faith and her own genetics as a mutant.

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@Sinestro2828: I was recent introduced to reading the DC comics and the first person I encountered was Yrra and though I loved her as a villain I'm also liking her as a hero. I love for her to come to terms with the death of her family and planet and find some sort of forgiveness in John and see this miscalculation as that a miscalcultion and I think the only why she can come to peace with anything in her life and give more happier life is through the path of the Violet Light. So I say let her become the best Star Sapphire that she can be. :D

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@Purgy: We'll Scarlet W is giving powers back (I think) so maybe Sofia will get her back - that's if she decides she wants them back, hopefully she will.

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@lykopis: Yah. I really didn't like that. With accents being gone expect for Charles - who talks with a posh Mid-Atlantic English accent) and Erik (and his many accents throughout the movie. He even speaks in Michael's Irish accent accent once in the movie). I wanted for Moira and Sean to have their Irish (Sean) and Scottish (Moira) - Rose even has Irish and Scottish ancestry. Darwin Bronx/Brooklyn accent. Oh and Emma's posh fake-British accent - I really wanted that. I would have died to see that. But I heard the director or someone asked the actors to avoid the accents. Ugh.

Lets not even speak on Havok. If they were going to put him in the movie I think that they should have at least moved the timeline of the movie up. I mean he can't canonically be Scotts brother while he could but he'd be at least 30 years older than him. I heard that he's going to be canonically for the movies a uncle or possibly he's father. That's totally bull. I know Scott and Alex have a good amount of age difference (Scott being in his thirties and Alex in his early twenties) but that a heck of a gap for the movies. I think they should have based the movie after Wolverines Origin movie and put Scott in it and not Havok or worked with it.

Wolverine is getting a another movie I heard that will deal with his time in Japan. I can't for that.

@ultimatekey: Well, I think it would go that name way it did when Magneto took over New York and Angel joined the Brotherhood to protect her children and Beak. Even though she doesn't have Beak or her children I think that Angel could come into some conflict with Erik and Brotherhood morals. She's a hero at her core but she also wants to be expected and thought of as beautiful just like Raven does. Maybe she could contact them (or Sean. Seems like there was a connection there. Lol.) and tip them off to something the Brotherhood is doing and telepathic contact and protect will be held with Angel and Charles like Sage and Charles did when he asked her to be a spy for the Brotherhood.

And we're both wrong. In the comics Storm and Amahl Farouk are his first encounter with mutants then Magneto and then Sage while in the Afghanistan and then Amelia Voght in India who was his nurse after his legs had been broken while before meeting Sage and being saved by her. He actually doesn't meet Mystique until Magneto forms the Brotherhood. Mystique before then was working for the goverment with Destiny (Irene Adler), Wolverine, and Sabertooth at the time before leave to have a life with Irene and Rogue.

Also I think it would be cool to have a little bit of Sabertooth and Wolverine in the movie. As the Professor has always at little with-forth on information on how many time he's acutally seen and meet Logan. And it doesn't help that Wolverine healing factor heals over his memory at times.

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@ultimatekey: During the New Mutants, Karma/Xi'an, was the oldest of the New Mutant at the age of 19 at the time she joined the team. She was also the leader because of her advanced age but gave it up because she saw Danielle/Mirage and Sam/Cannonball as more fit leaders. Also I think your idea is cool especially as a segway into a New Mutants movie. Maybe they could have her escaped the war by herself and meeting the X-Men and Xavier gives her the strength and power to go back and defeat her uncle and brother, Tran.

Personally even as much as I love Angel Salvdore I thought in the first movie that Sage should have been in movie and should have been one to leave with the Hellfire Club but in secret she would become his spy. Like in the comics. Hopefully that is what Angel is in the end. But I thought it would be better as Angel in all right was the first mutant Xavier found other than Magneto. She came before Beast and even Scott and Jean. Maybe the next movie should take place in the 80 during the Soviet/Afghan war.

Also I wonder if Wolverine and Sabertooth will have a camo in the movie as in the Wolverine Origins movie there were clips of them at the Vietnam War.

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@fred9101: That Valkyrie maybe possesses that strength level but not the 616 version of her. The Ultimate Valkyrie is human and as far as I know doesn't posses the powers of Valkyrie only her title. The 616, Brunnhilde, like all Asgardians, possesses superhuman strength though Brunn is significantly stronger then all other Valkyrie and most of all the Asgardian men and women for that matter. The levle in which she can left up to is to about 45 tons (whereas the average Asgardian female or male can left from 25 to 30 tons).

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@xerox_kitty: Same. I think a lot of people could do with the influence of Hope.


I find Idie hilarious if not one of my fav. characters that has come along in the past few years. I think it's good to see someone (Idie) with a different view of herself and the world. Not everyone can be happy that there a mutant. Especially with Idie religious up bringing I don't think that work properly. I think it's perfectly normal from her perspective to be the way it is. Plus it makes for a better character as it gives her someone to come to terms with in the future. Also I like that she's from under the shadow of Hope and with children that can higher her views of the world and herself. Personally I don't see now anyone could hate her.

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Awesome. I love how in the span of the students being at the new school that Idie is been paired with Quentin, Broo, and Evan. I hope she ends up with Evan or Quentin. She could really turn either one of them and their possibly futures around. :D Also, Broo is so adorable.