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The thing is, since TP is disallowed, I can see almost half of the team 2 going down easily quickly in most scenarios, making the odds far more even. Majestic & Gladiator won't hold back regardless, while Warlock might be capable of countering almost any attack, with someone running interference. I am voting for the Cosmics in S1 & S3, while the Team gets it in the perfect teamwork scenario 2. Scenario 4 is still too close to call for me.

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Inbetweener...almost the range of his powers far exceeds the Stranger's.

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I love Ben Grimm but n52 Aquaman takes the majority, especially with his leaping ability. He is now too fast and agile and is at least as strong , if not more.

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I'll go with Gypsy Danger as well.......Mako Mori had 51 simulator kills and definitely knows a lot of finishing moves.

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Team 1

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The Speedsters and Bricks still need to breathe, so contaminating/altering/ manipulating the atmosphere automatically impairs & defeats them. Or what happened if one of the powerhouses decides to Sun-dip this indestructable Earth?

As for Powerhouses vs Team Busters, the Powerhouses are all pretty awesome, but a Cyborg Superman with 12 rings is a force to be reckoned anyone. It is also pretty hard to argue against N52 Captain Atom as well in an extreme situation. Since I think Captain Atom could be MVP (since he also has speed and dimensional travel options), I would ultimately side with the Powerhouses, even though I am still unclear how to actually defeat Cyborg Superman.

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@arcus: just so we are on the same page, I said that he wins if he strikes first, AND drops her........but if he doesn't, and she is still able to fight, then she will way or another. She does not need metal bending, it just makes the outcome faster, but does not decide it.....her raw Earth bending is sufficient. And the op said EMH Iron Man, who is both a little cocky and chivalrous, so he might not use enough force on his first hit to take her out, either.

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@arcus: If he can't fly? Toph is like an Earth Bending Martial Artist in my eyes. Not only is she good, and a Master of Neutral Jing, but she strikes with almost surgical precision, and has that classic "rooted" Earth-bender attitude. Remember she was trained by the Original Earth benders, the Badger Moles. She doesn't even need metal bending to take out Tony, but there will still be enough metal, even if it is just circuitry, for her to win. Her senses are just too sharp!

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If it is <current Thor> vs <current Warlock> (e.g. the Quantum Mage) I would lean towards Warlock, actually. Too fast, versatile and especially cunning for Thor

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Actually, I am among those that think the current Thing can successfully take on Abomination, and pull off a win. Ben Grimm has been class 100 for a while now, and has multiple instances of feats where he has exceeded She-Hulk and even Rulk (e.g. the Kree Sentry's). And Ben Grimm has the fighting skills to match his strength, which is his biggest advantage here. As far as I am concerned, only the Abomination has a chance of taking him. Colossus maxes out at 100 tons, but I do consider She-hulk to be a better and more agile fighter, if not necessarily stronger. So, in my rankings;

1) Abomination >= Thing

2) She-Hulk

2) Colossus