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Round one: Thing ( it takes a LOT more than being in Ben's weight class to actually beat him, and Kilowogg has not exhibited sufficient H2H proficiency to make me think he can take Ben.

Round Two: Kilowogg...the ring is simply too formidable to overcome

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yes, it was good (mostly)...just too short. New 52 Captain Atom doesn't seem to have a whole lot of limitations, so he might have a shot at taking out Darkseid.....but I still think it is kinda too soon to tell

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@pooty said:

With 3 days prep, Thanos' mind and a Watcher's resources they could easily defeat team 2. Even without prep team 1 wins. I've only seen Thanos and a Watcher lose to Galactus, Celestials and people like that.

This. I love Captain Atom, and he is the best offense on Team 2, but one of his biggest weaknesses is an incomplete understanding of everything that he is capable of, and Thanos is just the kind of evil scientific genius to exploit that. And Surfer can easily handle both Lobo and Hal Jordan. The Watcher wouldn't even need to get involved, although Aaron was different enough that he might still try to.

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@heavyone: I have always liked Mantis as well

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First, Herc does need to breath, but due to his body's strength, resilience and his divine nature he does not immediately succumb to oxygen deprivation so the "force bubble around the head " trick wouldn't work. Either way it is going to end fairly quickly here. If she can successfully materialize a force object inside of his body, then she will win; otherwise he will, because a "morals off" Herc only needs one blow. Also, he is strong enough that containment is not really a viable option, either. To actually win, she has to be capable of hurting him.

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This is actually the perfect combo to beat the Vashanti. The in-betweener can call upon the opposite of any force it opposes (Trinity of ashes?) then include a full powered/well fed Galactus? And the Vashanti go down hard! Adding Chython means nothing, IB can do the same thing to him. In fact the only beings IB can`t do this to is Galactus himself (no anti-Galactus exists) and Chaos and Order who created in-betweener.

This is essentially correct. Pairing the In-Betweener with Galactus creates a team that can not only control virtually all natural real forces, but is fully capable of stopping and opposing nearly all true magic as well. The In-betweener walks between all realms, can fully oppose true magic and is nearly invulnerable to any direct attack from anything except from Chaos & Order themselves. And Galactus battling this way enhances Order. Chython's Chaos magic probably draws only from Lord Chaos, which is only one of the In-betweener's two sources, so he can fully oppose it.

Team 1 ftw.

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Sersi also had limited telepathic abilities, and Quasar was fully shielded against telepathic manipulation

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Dr. Druid......his mere presence not only undermined the Avengers but almost derailed the careers of everyone else on the team at that time, as well

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1) Monica Rambeau ( I also prefer her original costume, even if she is going by the name Spectrum these days

2) Sersi ( powers-wise she is almost perfect as Avenger's material, and the only Eternal who fits well)

3) Sue Storm

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I am a big Warlock fan also, and in many ways his shrewd intellect is his most formidable weapon. His fighting stats do vary, so direct confrontation is not always the best way for him to win. But he is also capable of overpowering more powerful opponents due to his canny nature.

1) as Him.....gets stopped @ 7 by Wonder Woman

2) with the Soul Gem , he clears it (no one on the JLA can counter it)

3) as the "Quantum Mage".....unsure ....might stop at 4 or 5, as AquaMan's trident was recently shown to absorb & redirect the Magical energies of Morgan Le fay.....and Green Lantern's ranged attacks are probably the best option.......but he could also potentially clear as well