Marvel Genesis: Deadpool - Issue 1 Up

Marvel Genesis: Deadpool - Issue 1

Not much is known about the man people call Deadpool. Well he claims his name to be Wade Wilson and he also claims to have been born in Ohio to family that was not very ready for him. He seems to remember a mother who died when he was only five but also seems to remember another mother who would beat him during his teen years. Not much of this is known for certain because Deadpool, well, his mind isn’t exactly in mint condition to use a little comic book speak. “Hey I read that! What do you think you’re writing here?” Oh um, sorry wade.

“Okay okay so my mind is a little fuzzy. I don’t remember much but what I know for certain was that my dear old daddy abandoned me what I was pretty young and that for some reason or another I ran away when I was a teenager” Yes I was just getting to that. “That’s great now shut up and let the legend himself work his magic.” No, please give me another chance! “Fine Mr. Narrator man, just try to do this hero some justice.” Fine I will try, now anyway where was I? Oh yes.

After the man who claims to be Wade Wilson ran away from home he jumped around across the country never staying in one place to long and always enjoying himself were he went with booze, violence, and girls. But after a while that just didn’t seem like enough so he did what people without a visible future did at the time: joined the army.


“Up, down, up down. Come on ladies is it really that hard? Let’s see some real pushups!” The drill sergeant scowled from under his hat at the men he was barking orders at. “Wade! Do I hear you laughing back there!?” “No, no sir! But I have a comment… sir!” The drill sergeant walked over to where Wade was doing his pushups and bent down on his to get close to Wade’s face. “And what would that be comment be pretty boy?” “Your fly’s undone sir!” The whole unit started to laugh.

The drill sergeant looked down and pulled up his fly while yelling, “Now stop howling you pack of dogs!” He walked up and down the rows of men. “Did I tell you to stop? Now let’s see some pushups! And if anyone thinks to make a joke like that again the whole platoon is going to do the obstacle course naked. Do you hear me!?” “Yes sir!” The group of men answered in unison.

“Now you sorry excuse for a group of men will be shipping out to battle next month and as much as I dislike the lot of you, I would be disappointed in myself if any of you died. So! Enough with the jokes and make with the pushups. You gotta stay in shape, ya gotta stay strong. Next month you’re going to finally get a taste of what this world has in store for you and what this country expects of you. Now drop and give me fifty, girlies.”

One Month Later-

Wade Wilson didn’t know if he should be excited or horrified. He looked around at his fellow army men. Their eyes glazed over, some holding crosses and praying, others kissing pictures of their families. Wade took a deep breath. They had been in the air, inside a cramped little airplane for what seemed like ages. Wade was getting impatient. He turned to tell something to the man sitting next to him when the pilot came out of the cockpit.

“Okay gentlemen, today you become men. Do what this country needs of you and God speed.” He then started handing out parachutes one by one to the men in the craft, then with a salute let them drop to their destiny. When Wade got to the front, the pilot thrust a parachute into his arms, gave him a salute, and with a pat on the back Wade was falling to meet his fate. When he landed he took off his parachute and found his men. He was officially in the battle field.

Wade was jumpy, his veins pumping with adrenaline. He wanted some action. And he got it quickly. Not far from where they landed they were ambushed by a group of enemy soldiers. Wade fired his gun and killed a man. His heart started thumping hard in his chest. A man tried to attack him from the side but I quick knife to the gut took care of that. Whoa whatta rush. Wade was fighting when he heard a scream from behind him.

The man he had been sitting next to on the plane had just been shot in the chest. Wade made his way over to the man and as he made his last dying breath Wade turned to the man who shot his friend and charged. The man was not expecting this and allowed himself to be plowed over. Wade began to beat the man within an inch of his life and then- “Please mister…” The man says in fractured English. “Just kill me” Wade paused. “I just wanted to hear you beg.” He pulled out his pistol and shot the man in the temple.


Marvel Genesis: Daredevil (Daredevil Re-invisioned) Issue 4 Up

Marvel Genesis: Daredevil- Issue 1

Quick Origin pt 1-

“Mathew Murdock what are you doing?” Matt looked up from his Gameboy meeting gazes with his father Jack. “Didn’t I tell you to work on your homework?” Jack’s face was furrowed in anger as he looked at his young son. “I have been working on my homework dad, I just needed a break. I’ve been working so hard lately I just…” Jack’s face relaxed and his expression softened. “I’m sorry boy I understand that but I just want what’s best for you. You don’t want to grow up like your father, trust me.”

Jack sighed. “I don’t want you to have to fight for a living. I just want you to have a good life son. He put his hand on his son’s head and tasseled his hair. “Now come on I’ll get you a glass of juice and you can work some more on your homework, okay?” Matt nodded and smiled. “Do we have apple juice?” Jack smiled and said, “I’ll take a look in the fridge.”

Over the next few years Matt continued to work hard in school and his father continued to work hard in the ring but things weren’t getting better. Finding fights to compete in was getting harder and so Jack sought for jobs elsewhere finally finding one as an enforcer for a mobster, The Fixer.

Matt was older now and was becoming a young man. He knew where his father was going each night and knew what he was doing. One night when his dad was gone he walked into the room where his dad kept his weights and equipment. That night Matt started to work out himself hoping to become stronger like his dad.

The next few months went by quickly, Matt spending his days studying and his nights working and training hard. But one day as he was going on his daily run his fate was changed forever. As he was waiting for a crosswalk he saw a blind man start walking into the street. As soon as the blind man got into the middle of the street a truck came screaming down the road. Matt did the first thing he could think to do and jumped on the old man getting him out of the road.

The truck swerved and hit a building and most of its cargo flew out of the containers on its back. The cargo in the truck was radioactive waste and it was spilled everywhere but what was really important was who it spilled on. But the only person we care about at this moment is a young Matt Murdock.

The waste spilled in his eyes leaving him on the ground writhing and screaming in pain. It burned his eyes, and the smell filled his nose leaving his whole face feeling as if on fire. The pain got worse and worse until it reached a climax of torture and then darkness and a cool relief.


The Silver Beetle Issues 1-5: The Crimson Killer pt 1 now up!

The Silver Beetle Issue One: Origin pt 1 and 2


Robert Slayver lay in his bed looking up at the Spiderman poster on his ceiling thinking about the steps he had gone through to reach the decision he had formed today. One: cut a hole in the box. NO no no, this is no time for jokes. Okay. One: I’ve had enough. Yeah okay that makes sense. Two: I could really help people. Okay yeah that’s another valid reason. Three- Crap crap crap! Am I crazy!? This will never work. Robert got up out of his bed, in his Mickey Mouse tee-shirt and boxers there was a distinct chill from the open window and it had spread to his special place.

Robert walked around his room with his hands behind his back. His heart was thumping heavily in his chest. This could be big. Real big. Eleven o’clock news big. He kept walking back and forth, his bare feet rubbing the soft shag carpet. Okay okay now let’s think seriously for a minute. Could it be possible? In theory yes I mean KickAss did it… but he did have a little girl with bad ass weapons to help him. I mean seriously she was awesome! And I’ve never even had a day (let alone an hour) of some kind of fighting training. No! Wait! That’s right I did take those fencing classes a while back. Okay well I have that.

Robert was getting excited. This could happen. This could actually happen. He looked at his bed thinking about sleep then looked away again. Robert thought about his time in the hospital. The kids he met in there, the looks in their eyes. His fists clenched. He was going to do this. He had to. He looked into his open closet at the box on the top shelf and walked up to take it down. Yep there it is. The box was full of old things from his childhood. And after a little digging he found what he was looking for: his old Spiderman costume.

He took it out and looked it up and down and spread it out on his bed. Maybe it’s how tired I am but… I’ve got an idea. Robert then put the costume back in the box and put it back into the closet and with a smile went back to bed and for the first time in weeks didn’t have any nightmares about the hospital.


School sucked. Simply put: school sucked. Mr. Shulster had given Robert a D on his geometry quiz and Martha was ignoring him. Still. He didn’t even know what the hell he had done but yet she was still acting like he didn’t exist. He was crazy about her. But she seemed to be a lost cause. Robert closed his locker and walked down the stairs and out of the high school with his twin brother Paul and they started heading toward home.

But they didn’t get very far until Robert spotted trouble. “Uh hey Paul I’ll meet you at home. I-I- I forgot a book in my locker. I gotta go back.” Paul nodded and kept walking. Robert then dived into a nearby bush and started unbuttoning his shirt revealing the red and blue Spiderman costume underneath. Robert looked ahead at the tall football player picking on a small freshman. A little cliché… but I’ll take it. Robert removed the rest of his clothes and pulled and put the mask on from out of his backpack.

Robert took a deep breath and ran sprinting from his lone bush into the middle of the bustling school stairway. At first it was quiet then, once his appearance sunk in, the stairwell echoed with laughter. “Stop messing with that kid!” Robert’s voice came out soft and raspy. The tall football player threw the poor kid against the wall. “What did you say?” Robert swallowed hard and shouted. “Back off bozo.” The big guy stood up tall with his chest out using the oldest big bad jock card at his disposal. Robert was so sick of it, he knew this to well. His fist clenched and his courage was mounting by the second.

“And what the hell is a Halloween costume wearing faggot like you going to do about it?” Ohmygod this has to be a joke. Robert didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or just shout. So he did both. He reached out behind him, grabbing a kid’s backpack from behind him. “Why don’t you ask your neurosurgeon!?” And with a quick swing arranged a little blind date between the backpack and the jock’s temple. The tall, tough football player went down like a boxer in a fashion that made Robert want to yell “Timber!”

Robert turned around and gave the kid back his backpack. “What the hell was in that bag? Rocks? Make sure this kid gets to the nurse.” He says pointing at the bully who seemed to be unconscious. Robert then looked up into the camera of the cellphone of the kid he had just saved. He stood there for a moment then, in the shock and silence, ran from the school to find refuge in the bush where he had hidden his clothes.

In a quick change he got back into his street clothes and got up from the bush hoping no one had seen him. With a quick look around until he was sure he was safe he turned around and hightailed it home before he had gotten a chance to let what had happened to soak in.


I am The Silver Beetle

Grab my mask

Don my cape

I am the Silver Beetle

In the light of day

In the dark of night

I am the Silver Beetle

What? You haven’t heard of me?

Well I’ll change that soon

I am the Silver Beetle

I am the greatest hero ever to walk this Earth

What are your powers you ask?

It’s not your powers that make you a hero

What makes you a hero is all up to you

And how colorful your spandex tights are

I stick it to evil villains

All ways save the day

And somehow always make it back in time to do homework

All the super ladies swoon in my presence

Criminals cower at my name

I’m my own toughest critic

But I say I’m the best

No doubt about it all I do is kick ass

I am the Silver Beetle