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Robert Moriarty had a hard childhood. His parents were always fighting and his twin brother was always giving him trouble. He did have a good relationship with both his parents but that didn't mean that they both didn't drive him crazy. All most literally. When he was in middle school he was diagnosed with depression. He continued to grow up as well as a kid with depression can until high school where the trouble really started. His first failed love left him weak and it only got worse until threats of suicide landed him in the hospital. Once he got out he had a different view of life. He saw from other people eyes and knew what he really wanted to do. Help all the people who couldn't help themselves.

He tried to think of ways he could do this. He thought of the things he had wanted to do before. He thought maybe he could help people through writing or through his music. As he lay in his bed thinking about his situation looking up at the Spiderman poster on the wall he decided to take a more direct approach. He wanted to become a superhero. He had no training in any kind of fighting and was not exactly in the best shape but he got to working. He began to work out in his room while his family slept always thinking of what his super name would be. He looked at his Spiderman poster and thought of a bug theme and then noticing his Beatles poster got an idea. The Silver Beetle. The silver from the silver age of comics and from the original name of The Beatles.

To start out he began wearing his old Spiderman costume under his clothes just to feel the thrill of being a superhero but was surprised when he actually did find trouble in the form of someone getting mugged by his school. He jumped into a bush and stripped his normal clothes to his old Spidey costume. Robert jumped from his bush and ran towards the mugging. The mugger turned to look at him and dropped the kid he was mugging in laughter. Robert being more angry then embarrassed took this chance to give the man a good hit to the head. He didn't know how hard to hit him and with a jolt of adrenaline knocked the man out. Robert looks at the boy he had just saved who had taken out his phone to record it and ran away.

When Robert got back home he was very excited but decided he needed a real costume so he found a silver spandex suit in a costume store and made a few adjustments to it himself to make some parts black and then thinking of Spiderman again but a small Beetle in the middle of the chest. The next time he went looking for trouble he felt much more confident and was able to save a woman from being roughed up but barely. Afterward he looked at the girl and asked if she had a cell phone to call the police. She nodded. He then said "When you give the police report remember who saved you The Silver Beetle!" When Robert got home that night he was tired but very excited and fell asleep thinking that he did good but he need ed a trademark, a hook, a weapon so he wouldn't get his butt handed to him. But of course

why hadn't he thought of it before!? The next day he looked into his closet and found the old fencing blade he had used when he had taken fencing lessons. He swung it around and realized he had remembered most of what he had learned and smiled. He was ready.

He continued to be the Silver Beetle to this day and has trained himself to fight hand to hand and with a sword and now uses a array of swords from cutlasses to kantanas.

Rebirth and Redemption.

New Beginnings

Robert Moriarty is gone or at least it would seem. Months passed before anyone had seen or heard of anything until, he suddenly reappeared at Loner's, his old hangout. He seemed to remember all of his old friends and memories but he was different. He said he was done with costumed crime fighting and that if he were to return he would do it "his way". His friends would never suspect that this is

not the Robert they knew. This Robert is from an alternate reality. One where his family is "normal" and he is popular and life is good. When the two Roberts discovered each other when a rip in time and space caused them to meet face to face, they decided to pull a "parent trap" type maneuver. They switched lives, one sick of being alone, the other sick of all the stress and pressure of his old life. The "new" Robert slipped into this reality smoothly, regaining all of this worlds memories as he crossed into this reality.

But these Robert's are not identical. This Robert is a mutant. He was born with the ability to alter time, space, and reality and used this to seek out this worlds Robert. This ability can be used to alter anything about his person and the world but when doing so creates a new time line, a new universe, a new reality.

Robert is much more laid back then his other reality counterpart. He is more liberal, spiritual, and artistic. He writes, plays guitar, and has a small band. He is intellectual but free spirited. He will only do things his own way.

Still leaning his powers, Robert is careful in making sure not to change this world to much, leaving his powers very limited. But with an ability this powerful, it will affect his friends and this world deeply.

Evil Robert (Dark Beetle)

Brief History

This worlds Robert was raised in a rich family, with parents who never had time to be with him. He spent his days alone burning ants or bringing death to small spiders. He didn't have very many friends and the ones who attempted to get to close he only pushed away, usually using violence. When he reached his teenage years he had fallen into what his doctor's called "a deep self inflicted depression". Attempted suicide left him in a mental hospital for troubled children. When he finally got out he strove to get revenge on the people who put him there. Basing his costume on some of his favorite comic book villains and using the expensive swords his father collected as a sick hobby, he went to the streets, killing innocents and fighting would be superheros, he quickly made a name for him self in the criminal underworld.

Powers and Ablities

He has no known superpowers.

He makes up for lack of superpowers with a brilliant and cunning mind and the delight he takes in killing with his beloved blades.

He is crazy, he kills for fun. Creating new and creative ways to kill his enemies. He is dark, reserved, and let's no one get to close to him.

He exists in yet another universe, or, reality.