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@batman9797: Come on! What you are implying is unfair!

They had there chance pre-52, Larfleeze was a breakout character pre 52 and didn't have his own series he was pretty popular too! way more back then., Now in the New 52 Larfleeze is getting his first chance at a solo series. I say give something new a chance.

If you want pre 52 they have it all in trades.
And Captain marvel and Red robin had there solo series, now in trades.

If you commented on this review just to air out your frustrations i think a better place would've been the fourms.
just saying...

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Just got done with the issue.
WOW! great writing, great art.

Is it a crime to say that i enjoyed this issue more than green lantern 21?
if it is you can SHUUTTUP because it is my opinion and i say this was a great start!
it is soo great to have new directions in the Green lantern universe. and having Larfleeze and Red lanterns both be great additions to that has me all in.

This new era of green lantern is going to be awesome, and i will be shelling out to get all the new green lantern titles

So far I have them rated as:

Red Lanterns(GUY) > Green Lantern Corps(JOHN)> Green Lantern(HAL)> New Guardians(KYLE)> Larfleeze