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@sinestro_gl: He was added because Geoff wanted to add a middle eastern green lantern to the mix because where geoff grew up was predominately middle eastern or something like that, DC was obviously ok with that because it created buzz and what not and DC is really behind anaything Geoff does( he was CCO at one point I think, actually im pretty sure at DC what Geoff says goes)
and now he has him in the new JLA book he was creating.
I used to like Geoff Johns but i don't like how he and didio has more control in DC's creative side of things than anybody else.

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haha of course aquamanbeat THing,
if pokemon ever taught us anything it's that
Water beats Rock types.

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omfg what is it with you fan girls and Jason Todd!?!?! hahaha
Seriously, everyone on Comicvine acts like a Red Hood fan yet his book doesn't sell as well as it should with his fanbase...odd.
plus I mean really? another bat character in Injustice? kill me now. can we please just think a little bit of diversity, just a little bit please, guys??

Martian Manhunter is already in the game, as a background character and I guarantee you guys whine to get him in he wont even be your most playable character unless you are a die hard.

I wish Atrocitus was playable but he is already in the game

Even though technically Zatanna first appeared ina bat book she really isnt a Bat character and can be a lot of fun to play, also different skins for her would be nice (pre52/new 52)

I voted I voted BLACK MANTA adds another much needed villain in the game,

I could only vote once but if i could vote twice I also would've voted Animal Man even when he was in vertigo made occasional appearences in the DCU
now he is completley in the DCnU. a great addition with that much needed diversity, also midnight would bring the wildstorm diversity with just him alone. he is more well known now.

but an honorable mention is FIRESTORM! how is he not on the list, Killer frost is in the game but Firestorm isnt!?! lmao
that's almost as bad as Blackheart being in MvC2 and Ghost Rider wasn't lol
on top of that Firestorm would be a great technical/ranged fighter he could do many things you can definitely make a fun moveset with what he can do.

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@sinestro_gl: big things are supposed to happen for him, if you read green lantern 20 (johns last issue with green lantern) there was an epilogue at the end that shows a preview of whats to come for him in the JLA title and possibly the DC universe.

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Angela is the biggest free agent they could sign huh?

Still better than Rockets picking up Dwight Howard in FA

both are overrated lol

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@jonny_anonymous: soooo...I am supposed to LOVE it just because money is going to kids??
i give my fair share of donations without rewards, just because this is for charity doesn't mean i will like it anymore.
That's be like Kanye West telling everyone he is GOD then saying we have to like him because he is charitable.

I PERSONALLY don't like the idea, my own opinion, think this is a dumb idea.
My opinion isn't everyone elses but the fact is just because somehting is for charity doesn't mean you have to be forced to like it. So i don't see how you can use that for your argument.

Explain your point further if you can?

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This isn't even a clever idea. it's an interesting idea if you were with your friends and saying "hey how might it have been" then go on youtube to see scenes he was in to see how it went. but that's about it
For whoever thinks this will be great..please tell me why???

This should definitely have been one of those IDW on-goings with further adventures of Marty and Doc.

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I LOVED this issue! So glad you reviewed this so everyone else can see how great it was.

this is my kinda series, im having trouble now picking between Fatale and this(well..not really Fatale is on a whole nohta' level!) but still this issue was a great start! im predicting this issue sells out by tomorrow
I can NEVER have TOO MUCH Noire
only too much Superhero, hopefully people give titles like Fatale, lazarus, uncanny etc. a chance because we are in great times for diversity in comics. and for that to prolong we need to chip in and support the lesser known diverse titles, especially when they are GREAT!

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This issue wasn't as strong as last one, Red Lanterns is still by far the better title since the creative change.

You can tell Vendetti still hasn't got a full grasp of the green lantern characters yet also a little tiny gripe the new recruits shoukdnt have had the GLC symbol on yet until after there boot camp, i remember that was a vital step in becoming a green lantern. yet they had I said MINOR GRIPE but I know Vendetti is still getting used to the GL lore. But i am confident he will take it in a bigger direction but i also doubt that he is going to make anything epic..sorry guys...just my opinion, I think eventually they will get someone else to write Green Lantern, Hes not bad on GLC though i enjoyed his stuff on that rather than the main book.

Also somehow i feel like Vendetti isn't really telling the story he wants to tell..I mean throwing Larfleeze in there, that was surley just to promote his new self title. And putting Guy in Red Lanterns is just a way to have his strong fan base read that book(which is good) but still.

I hate DC as apublisher they have been notorious to not let there writters have as much freedom with there characters unless Johns and Didio like you you really arent going far in DC.
I would definitley tell them to get offmy back and SHHHHHUUUUTTTTUUUUPP!!

Im going to make a rant somewhere else but i give this issue a 3.75/5

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Lazarus #1 was AWESOME! and Rucka is going to set up an epic..but i mean Forever's fight with the 3 guys wasn't exactly a TOP FIGHT of the week lol

It's more a story driven comic than actual action.

But im sure the action will come, Rucka did say he wants this story to last years.

I always shell out what i can for a Rucka story and this one has my full attention away form any current comic