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@muyjingo If you HONESTLY think that why do you think Batman and superman have more potential than books like The Wake, Lazarus, and Satellite Sam?

Im just curious because you seem to think I am wrong and you are right, so give me the RIGHT answer here and tell me why Book like Unchauned and Batman/Superman are better than the ones Listed??

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Am I the only person who thinks this Unchained isn't that great?

No you are correct, I can EASILY name better titles on that list.
but you gotta remember most people here are mainstream readers..not saying im a hipster I also read Superman Unchained and don't find it better than Batman. or even Nightwing lol
Seriously I find Nightwing and Flash better than Superman Unchained, despite it's first two issues it's nothing mind blowing.
Yes Superman Unchained has major potential but most people voted because it is a popular character AND it's written by mainstream writers well known such as Jim Lee, and as you know Jim lee will probbaly leave after like the 10th or 12th issue and Snyder will stay on for awhile, but also if an event should come up he won't have alot of focus on Superman unchained if he is working with other writers in the batman department. As you can see the 2nd most votes was Batman/Superman which was a 7/10 title at best and yet people voted it as a potential title that shows alot of promise. *sigh.
lol But it's what people voted..I know deep down they are wrong that is my opinion.
Plus the title i voted wasn't even on the list lmao
im not taking a whole lot out of Superman: unchained the writing and art are great, but the story in two issues hasn't got me hooked. it's not like a fresh take on Superman, I guess Superman just really isn't Snyder's kind of character.

I voted 'other' because Lazarus wasn't on the list. Lazarus is clearly the title with the most potential and not to mention he has almost full creative control over it and he is going to tell the story over a long period of time. So nobody would have to worry about someone else taking over(unless he hand chose someone to)

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@citizenbane said:

@sandman_ said:

In the scene with Bruce and Clark was a little distracting. Bruce ended up looking more like Superman than Clark did.

Not the first time that this has happen.

Jim Lee's Bruce and Clark have always looked too similar.

His Lois and Wonder Woman too. He struggles to makes heroes look different if they have similar features.

Ivan Reis has that same issue,
His Aquaman and Flash look way too similar.

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This was disappointing.

and for $20...are they joking? If soo that is a better joke that what you will find in the episode itself. lmao

The StarWars Robot Chicken was much better.

I Wonder if Family guy. will do a DC comics themed special.

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@decoy_elite said:

@k4tzm4n said:

To every single "WHERE'S ____ COMMENT?"

The "Other (Specific Below)" option exists for a reason. We (the staff) consulted on this in an attempt to get all of the new and standout series, but human error is bound to happen.

Lies, you all just didn't put Dead Detective Boys on there because you all hate Vertigo.

They did put "The Wake."
But then again because it was Snyder and TOny probably begged to put that in because he has admitted he is a Snyder fanboy in other reviews lol
But then again Wak is the only potential good fresh series from Vertigo at the moment so they got that right.

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No I understand tha. But it's ODD that you'd miss a series like Lazarus but have a series like Larfleeze, Batman 66', Regular show(are you guys serious on this one lol) You considered those "standouts?" lol

That's all. it was just ODD to me, I did however click "OTHER"

Plus excuse my behavior im just still a bit cranky because how people didn't support an awesome marvel series like Punisher and it got cancelled, people can correct that mistake and support a potentially epic series like Lazarus.

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how is this series not on the list!?!

Rucka has not ever wrote bad series and this issue was great, but just like the last series he was on Punisher, you guys won't support it

so we probably won't see it's full potential.

So enjoy Superman: Unchained!? You know Jim lee will end up leaving after like the 8th or tenth issue anyway and Snyder will leave after the 20th probably having Lobodell take over writing duties. lol

im going to go cry to momma now!

*Leaves and slams door shut!

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@noj said:

I got the signed Batman/Superman a few weeks ago but I just had to donate one more time for the signed Superman Unchained Directors cut. Getting cool stuff is always great but the fact that it goes to a good cause is truly awesome.


im glad I waited out on getting batman/superman at my LCS, and waited to get it here, ya it's pricier but it's going to a good cause and it's signed!

If they have a Green Lantern Themed we can be heroes with signed green lantern comics I might just have to fee all of Africa! (well not really im not that rich) lol

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You should donate all that money to this cause. lol