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@ancient_0f_days: neither can comic characters, they aren't what is your point?? lol
Wait...we've done this the only difference is you have a stupid Treyvon Martin pic which shows you support a dumb cause and nothing has changed, you always have the odd logic for everything. lol

nice chatting with you again (not really)

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@omgomgwtfwtf said:

Doom is never home...So Ra's would either be fighting Kristoff or a Doom Bot. Once Ra's thinks he got the throne, the real Doom shows up and whoops his ass back to the Lazarus Pit.

in which he will regain his strength and get back up to fight the REAl doom and beat him.

Ras wins lmao

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@russellmania77 said:

@ancient_0f_days: see thats the spirit bro :)

you told me to suck you off.....we aren't bros...yeah i went to your page and saw what you deleted....

russellmania77 posted a message in the forum topic rock vs paper vs scissors on the Battles board.only if you come with me and suck my DICK BITCH

I can't believe i havn't been on the battle fourms for well over a year and you are STILL p*ssing people off and false flagging LMAO
dude seriously, I think it's time to get outside, im not trolling but I mean after a year of being gone and you doing the same things it's just......well actually just carry on. I know where this usually leads lol

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not a single one of them are comic characters............

Wow...Did you graduate from Harvard or something dude, that is some impressive perception.

Maybe you should use your wise intellect to choose a fighter though, this is after all BATTLE FOURMS

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A crazy evil Wonder Woman killing Superman, Batman or both would do it for me!

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If you are expecting something mind blowing like any of Frank Miller's stuff from the past then you will be VERY let down lol

But i have to say I DO recommend it because for what it's worth it is pretty good, has great writing, Snyder is shaping up to be one of the best Batman writers EVER., and because it is VERY essential to Batman's character in the New 52 going forward and understanding more of what has changed.

So ya I recommend it :)

Like I said don't have your epectations at a "Year one" or "Dark Knight Returns" level and you'll be good aha

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Now everyone spread the word, post it on your Facebooks, twitter anything to get a sequel to the awesome first movie!

And please let both Urban and Thirlby reprise there roles!

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If Larfleeze Kills Laord, Laord becomes a Orange Lantern right?

Correct, but seeing as at the end of the first issue there is going to be a "Revolt of the Orange Lanterns" coming up, I can't believe it but im actually excited to see where that goes lol

This book is a surprise hit, I honestly thought this would be a bigger fail than "vibe"
this book definitely has a place for my tight pull list. It's also cool sometimes when a comic doesn't take itself to seriously, its almost as fi Larfleeze himself is writing this comic.

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Thank you so much for reviewing this, I thought Comicvine was almost ignoring this series after not reviewing the first issue or adding it as a category for "Best New Series Poll" lol

I liked the first issue better, but this issue was great because it introduces the rest of the carlyle family (well the blood family at least) Thi book kinda reminds me of a Dystopian- future Godfather lol
Definitely one of the top 5 comics being put out today!

Image is just killing it in the comic industry with all these great titles!

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It's a real shame because issue #21 was actually GOOD and gave me hope for the series then I see those last few pages.

For all the people wondering about the rrage in the comments, it's because you don't realize how strong Atrocitus IS! the dude is up there with the best of them and can possibly beat down superman.
and yet he easily handles Atrocitus with ease didn't even struggle!?!
by far the charles soule is the better writer out of the 5 lantern books out right now but the way he handled this situation makes things questionable.

Im REALLY hoping that atrocious ALLOWED Gardner to defeat him or they are secretly working together for Atrocitius to fake his own death for a good reason.