Obscure characters

Characters unlikely to feature in a film any time soon

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Posted by VenomMagus

I had to look at a few of these.  Nice job.
Posted by TheShame

Thanks. Any suggestions for more obscure characters are welcome, i'm aiming to get up to the 100 mark, so.....got far to go.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Great list!

Posted by Bemitri

Thumbs up for your list appearing on every page I visit. Glad to see someone else who is like me!

Posted by doublezeroduck

Mr. Miracle - HUSBAND of Big Barda. Not wife. Lol

Posted by TheShame

@doublezeroduck:LOL yeah, i'll go correct that. Though considering the relationship, it would probably be more accurate to say that Barda usually is 'the man'!

Posted by Inverno

Great list...

turns out Kurse will appear on Thor 2 and he will be played by Mr. Eko. Just so you know ;)

Posted by Badassican

Loved this list. Hope you can find even more, had a lot of fun looking these up and reading about them.

Posted by HolySerpent

Nice list

Posted by MarvelMan1985

Great List! Love these weird characters! :)

Posted by EganTheVile1

Great list! but T'Chaka and Big Barda have appeared in movies if you count animation (T'Chaka in the 2nd Avengers animated film, and Big Barda in Batman/Superman: Apocalypse)