My Super Villain Team

Thought i'd just create a themed Marvel super-villain team for the fun of it. The Team is called 'The Colony' and is comprised of individuals seeking to eradicate the Earth's population and replace it with insects (nice and simple motivation). Will act as antagonists for my NEW AVENGERS team (see my list) with Tyrus Krill seeking to exterminate a possible new brood colony.

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Posted by VenomMagus

I like the cool "plot" against humanity going on. Fun stuff!
Posted by TheShame
@VenomMagus: Yeah, i thought it was a new idea until i checked out another guy's list called 'The Cockroach conspiracy', though the membership of his lists very different.
Posted by VenomMagus

No, but I mean, taking the existing characters, grouping them together and (essentially) having enough to flesh out (at least) an award winning mini-series.  Its amazing how these characters are so well done that just selecting 10 or so of them and the story writes itself.