My New Avengers team

Having observed the recent New Avengers series, it could be argued that the series is suffering from a serious lack of new blood.  Are you tired of seeing wolverine/Spiderman/Steve Rogers in every team? If so, then read on for my list of possible 'new avengers':  My inspiration largely came from the x-men 'blue' and 'gold' teams of the 90s, where one large team could split into smaller task forces depending upon the issue in hand (this makes sense considering the Avengers' status as an international team).

List items

Posted by VenomMagus

Reminds me a lot of a couple "Classic" Avengers lineups.  Really good and I like the mix between virtual unknows and marketing powerhouses.  Like you say, it could work if given the attention.
Posted by TheShame

Yeah, i've always felt that the team books should be used to give obscure characters some attention, not just reinforce the marketing of big characters (i don't like how Bendis writes spidey and logan anyway).  Marnot's connection to Fear itself and the rebirth of Odin needs exploring, whereas Diamondback family background could be explored (i know that one of her brothers is a villain, but the other could be interesting if resurrected).


you got a great list characters for your team
Posted by TheShame
@KNIGHT SAVIOR: Thanks, do you have any suggestions for possible members, i need 2 more to rival the super villain team
Blue Marvel

B lue Marvel and Nightwatch