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@Underwaterlad: I heard that I needed Messiah complex, Messiah war, and Second Coming for current X-men continuity. That true? Or are they not relevant to Schism?

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I want to get in to X-men. What do I need to read for Schism?

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Read ALL STAR SUPERMAN. Nuff said.

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Yeah, that's really f-ed up.

It's usually sold at cover price, bagged and borded at my lcs. You get a discount for new comics that aren't bagged. Even Variants are the same price at my lcs!

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Hot off the facebook page. These are screen captures. Will link better images asap!

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@joshmightbe: not a bad person per-se, but it does mean that you have no soul.
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DC's direct subscription service isn't too bad. 
Pros- You save 25%, comics arrive within a week after they are released in stores (depending on where you live), never had a damaged shipment 
Cons- Long wait between when you order the subscription and when they start coming to you. 7-8 Weeks! Then it takes a while for the shipments to catch up to the store releases, but it eventually did.  
I used it for a few months. I cancelled because there is a comic store by my house which offers a good discount. I was going every week anyway to pick up the flashpoint event, they they announced the relaunch, and I decided to stick with the store. 
Also, despite the customer service agents being very helpful, they don't know shit.

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@haveanicelife: you're welcome! It's what us nerds do. We enjoy writing fabulously long and detailed essays on issues like this. It gives us a chance to compare our encyclopedic knowledge of the given topic, and thereby prove our 'nerd prowess'.  

 okay, I'll give you a response that doesn't take me 2 hours to write this time haha :) 
Haunted Knight was just 3 stand alone stories. I don't think it is really ties in to Long Halloween directly. You should be fine reading it afterwards :) 
Dark Victory is a direct sequel. Lucky that you read Long Halloween first! 
Sandman is a 10 volume epic. I'm only just getting into it, but it is AWESOME! Each volume is numbered, so obviously start with vol 1 haha! 
Watchmen is a great comic. I almost included an extra paragraph in my initial response with an analysis of Alan Moore, but I removed it in fear of starting a flame war over it! Moore's work isn't for everybody. Some think he's a the best comic book writer of all time, others think he's a mad, bitter idiot who almost killed comics (for various reasons). Personally I think he's a good writer, but I find it difficult to ignore the politics behind his works. Regardless, I encourage you to try his work, and see if it is to your liking :) 
Now to answer your questions! 
1. You're luck your library HAS a decent selection comics haha. Mine only like 3, and I've already read them all lol.  
For a long time, digital comics were basically scans of print comics that were uploaded to the internet by random people. A large comic piracy community has been present for the last 5 years or so. Companies didn't mind if people downloaded stories from the 50's and 60's, but publishers eventually realized that piracy of new comics could be potentially harmful. Publishers actually selling comics online is a relatively new phenomenon. Still, digital comics is a new, but rapidly expanding medium. All the major publishers now sell digital comics. There are 2 problems with digital comics at the moment. 1. they are overpriced. 2. new comics come out much later than they do in stores. This will change soon. I'll explain in detail below. What follows is a list of links to online comic stores:
  • COMIXOLOGY is like the itunes for comics. All major publishers distribute through comixology now, with Marvel being the newest addition.
  • MARVEL has the biggest selection of digital comics. They also have a great Digital Comics Unlimited service, which gives you access to the entire library for $10 a month, or $60 a year.
  • DC was the slowest to jump on the digital comics bandwagon. They only opened their store last year. Regardless, they are now fully on board. Starting September, all DC comic books will be released digitally, the same day they hit store shelves. Initially, they wil be priced the same as the print comics, at $2.99 and issue. Over the next few months it will be gradually lowered until you are eventually paying 99cents for a brand new comic book Pretty sweet if you ask me!! Marvel will likely follow suit, but it wil take some time. 
Quick tangent: the reason DC took so long to open their digital comics store was because head honcho Dan Didio believed that comic pirates were potential customers who wanted to sample a book before they bought it. Plus he said that we can't expect people to buy ALL 60+ books that are released by a given company each month. WHAT A NICE AND OPTIMISTIC GUY!!!!!!!! Alright, in theory this is true. Hell, I started reading comics by pirating! Now I'm one of my comic store's biggest customers!  
Check this link out to find a store near you. I am fully behind the digital revolution, but I think that we should support retailers as much as possible. I find print comics easier to read. Plus there's nothing quite like the sense of community that one gets from going to a comic book store. Doctors, still in their scrubs, making a quick comic run during their Wednesday lunch breaks. A high schooler browsing during his free period. Even convertible owning bussinessmen, eyes anxiously darting around making sure nobody they know is there! It really warms my nerd heart!! 
2. Continuity is the general term used to describe the events and story elements that are REAL. 
For example, The Dark Knight Returns is an alternate reality Batman story. This is not really what happens to the real Batman, so Dark Knight Returns would not be an 'in continuity' story.  
On the other hand, Grant Morrison's run on Batman is an 'in continuity' story. It is the REAL Batman, and this is what REALLY happened to him.   

A continuity problem is an inconsistancey in the character's history. It's a little difficult to explain, so bear with me.
Comics go on FOREVER! Plus there is often more than one series featuring the same character. Thanks to this, it is difficult to keep all the story of one character in check. For example maybe a writer accidentally says that Bruce Wayne's parents died when he was 10 years old. Hang on a sec, they always says it happened when he was 8!! That is a continuity problem. That is a relatively small one. Sometimes a writer accidentally ignores something that happened before. Sometimes they purposefully ignore past stories because they didn't like them. It can get quite chaotic! 
Continuity can also be used to describe a character's general history. For example, some might find Green Lantern: Rebirth to be a difficult read because they aren't familiar with the continuity. They don't know Hal Jordan's history, they didn't read Zero Hour... etc. 
3. Comic series get cancelled all the time. Sometimes because the story is over, sometimes because of low sales. Eventually, a new series of the same name might take its place. That's the case with the Captain America one you posted. There was a Captain America series before, it was cancelled for one reason or another, and now a new Captain America series has taken its place. 
They constantly change names and numbering. It's very confusing, and you just have to ignore it eventually. For example, in 2004, a new Captain America series started. It was Captain America vol 5, meaning the 5th Captain America series. It started at #1, but at issue #50, they reverted back to the original numbering of Captain America vol 1. Thus the numbering went #49, #50, #600. Then at # 620, the name was changed to Captain America and Bucky, so now they can have a new Captain America starting at #1, which is what you linked above. Very confusing. 
Also, DC comics is relaunching starting September. All their titles are going back to #1. It's basically a semi reboot. Some characters are staying pretty much the same, such as Green Lantern and Batman, but others are changing a lot, Superman for example. 
If you want to get in to DC, this is a prime opportunity. You could catch up on Batman and Green Lantern, simply because their stories are good, but you could just jump in to their new series when they start in September. The new books should fill you in on continuity :) 
4. Older comics are collected in trade paperback or hardcovers. If you wanted to read Morrison's Batman run, you wouldn't hunt down Batman #655 onwards, you would just buy the Batman and Son paperback. Occasionally they do do 'recaps', but they don't really have to. Everything is collected in paperback nowadays. 
alright. I failed to give a short response. I need to learn to be more concise.
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I think Luthor's as much a part of the mythos as Lois or Perry. He's Superman's ultimate foil. I don't need him as a main villain, but I think he should be there. Plus we haven't had a PROPER Luthor in the movies yet. Sure, Lex is greedy, but land and money are not his ultimate objectives. Read All-Star Superman for the REAL Luthor. Lex basically wants humanity to thrive by its own means, more specifically, HIS means. HE wants to be the savior of humanity, a man, not some alien freakshow!! THAT is Luthor. 
He is to Superman what Sinestro is to Hal Jordan. He doesn't have to be the center of every story, but he should not be ignored.

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DC needs to get on top of it. As much as i love DC, they are failing as far as movies go. I mean let's face it, their characters are more iconic than Marvel's. When somebody mentions Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern or Aquaman, everybody knows what you're talking about (even though Aquaman is made fun of a lot). Hell, most people know what you're talking about if you say the word Shazam!  Most people could even tell you the origin and secret identity of some of these characters, and some might even be able to name a few SIDE CHARACTERS from that hero's universe!!
For a long time, this wasn't the case with Marvel's characters. Sure, most would recognize names of characters like 'Captain America', 'Iron Man', 'Daredevil', or the 'Fantastic Four', but they probably couldn't identify them, and certainly can't tell you their origins! 
WIth the success of the movies, this is slowly changing.  
DC is losing their edge as far as popular consciousness is concerned. It will be impossible to regain unless they change their strategy. Soon.