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maybe you need to get help with understanding where a person is coming from,in the beginning any side can win even more when preparing time is put into place but later on other users keep pointing out thor and therefor team two wins mostly because of him and please do be a dear and move on with your unorganized self and by you keep coming back it shows your true colors sadly, thunderbolt30 and roddy010 already pointed out the iceman and emma deal-).


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two users on here already stated that iceman can be taken out by jean,emma can be forced into diamond by anyone on team one,So go back and re-read all the post before you start talking bad to me,i have already stated only team two wins mostly because of thor and everything i have stated about wanda is true as her hexes( probability ) if you like it or not is known to cause a long list of unlikely events to occur and last i only put out strong info on what team one can do and therefor that does Not mean i support them.

thanks for posting-)

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there is no killing in this battle at all and both sides have preparing time,so of team one!

storm has weather,

scarlet witch has probability and magic

crystal has the four classical elements of earth>air>fire>as well as water.


jean grey has telepathy and telekinesis both of which are enhanced by the phoenix-force.

so in the end pretty much everyone has team two for the win which is mostly due to thor but other then that team one should be able to over come iceman>hulk>and emma.frost somehow.

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what is to stop storm after preparing time from quickly flash freezing a member on team two?,whats to stop wanda after preparing time from casting a wild hex or better yet casting a spell of limited protection? since she does have magic even though she is known more for her hexes ( probability ) than magic plus her magic is under dr.strange level but a simple spell will do in this battle-)

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storm and crystal are multi-elementals( as storm controls the weather and everything that ties to it,crystal controls the four classical elements of earth>air>fire>and water,iceman can create all the ice that he wants BUT ice is water that has been frozen and storm along with crystal can undo anything bobby sends there way( as there powers allows them to ),thor is the only real problem to team one and sadly that is my battle creating downfall and you can laugh at me all you want-( but anyway hulk as well as emma.frost are powerful as they are good in what they do best but they can be taken out by jean and scarlet witch,jean grey's powers are stronger in this battle aka they are improved( enhanced ) the phoenix-force and therefor her telepathy and telekinesis are not like normal jean,scarlet witch in this battle has both probability and magic on her side both of which are different from each other and her hexes ( probability ) causes the unlikely event to occur and if she can make things go poof ( disappear ) with the wave of her hand ( hex-bolt ) > make things levitate for extended period of time > weaken force-fields > animates things > deflect energy blast > alter gravity > cast hex bubbles that allows her to hover in midair > summon a person from a crowded street who had seen the vision pass lol

my point is that with preparing time it allows team one to get ready for the battle: so storm won't sit around like a person watching tv,scarlet witch with preparing time allows her to get her hexes together and she can use her hexes to deftly manipulate air currents as she did that in avengers 1st series(#155)with cap's shield, she has also used her hexes to summon an sudden hurricane force wind to cast aside bystanders,has used her witchcraft skills to sense and avoid mental probes as well as cause things to shatter-),so anyway did not say team one wins as i said any side can win but since i did not think enough about thor,i will say team two wins mostly because of thor which that is that.

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plus jean grey enhanced by the phoenix-force which i thought would give team one a better stand against team two,seeing as i put thor in battle but i think team two wins mostly because of thor but other then that team one should be able to some-how take down team two,seeing that jean has came across emma frost before and scarlet witch has came across iceman before and storm being an multi-elemental.

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storm can control the temperature of the environment,control all forms of precipitation,humidity and moisture(at a molecular level), generate lightning and other electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, and she has demonstrated excellent control over atmospheric pressure and she has demonstrated the ability to separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis which allows her to breathe under water and her control over air is so great that she can even manipulate the air in a person's lungs.

scarlet witch hex-bolt ( probability ) affects the laws of probability and she has an affinity to nature and some of her best hexes has to do with natural processes-)

Her hexes has been able to transform a magnetized barrier composed of metal shards into a field made of harmless flowers plus cause magneto physical pain.

transform a giant fire creature under pyro's commend into inanimate stone in avengers annual #10-)

animates a wooden chair into a walking automation in avengers first series #133

my point is wanda hexes is no laughing matter and she has seen iceman before but i will say team two wins mostly because of thor which i should have thought more but oh well.

thanks 4 posting!

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there is no killing in this battle,storm is resistant to the effects of weather and extreme temperature and with preparing time she will not play any games with iceman and crystal has control over water along with earth,air,and fire,scarlet -witch is both mutant( hex-bolts probability )and sorceress( magic )in this battle and therefor has enough power to cripple iceman as she did that to him in defenders first series #123( as she "the scarlet witch" fires a hex bolt which makes Iceman’s ice slide unstable,causing it to crack in half ), the scarlet witch hexes( probability ) causes unlikely things to happen and making cards go poof ( disappear ) is an unlikely thing to happen.

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umm do you know what preparing time mean? and storm can also flesh freeze things also and ice is frozen water and she has weather to make ice melt-)

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umm team one is not stupid and they have enough preparing time to come up with something and hello scarlet witch has probability which is different from magic and she even made gambits cards disappear out of his hand which is an unlikely thing to happen and the look on his face was priceless>she has summons a swarm of locusts with her hexes> hexes a mystical tiger so that it reverts back to a regular housecat>cause people to trip up>cause one to become stunned>etc,so with preparing time i don't see wanda or storm sitting around like ducks in water to get attack and knowing storm when she gets the head up of something..she does her thing to get ready.