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Joker wins both.

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As much as i love Dick as Batman im going to have to pick this up

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Is Daredevil really that good?If so i may go pick it up...

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Still on the fence about this.Will be picking up a few of the new titles though.

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I like Black Spider-Man,Isis,The Tardis and the girl from the Umbrella Academy(Cant remember her name)

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Emma Stones as Gwen Stacy?I think yes.I love Emma Stone but im unsure about Andrew Garfield

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@RavenVice01 said:
Christopher Nolan is a narrow minded twit who may have made some valid points about the batman mythos but all in all he butchered it. I mean first of all: It looks like Jim Gordon is dying from cancer or something which blows it for me because Jim Gordon is crucial to the Batman lore. Bane's mask looks like a half ass version of Darth Vader and he is albino. From it sounds like: Bane is going to be a combination between Ubu and Dusan al Ghul. Nolan completely destroyed Bane's origin where he came from Santa Prisca which is the DC version of Cuba and if King Snake is even mentioned in the film, he will probably be the same british naval officer that he was in the comics except he will be stationed in India during Britain's imperialism over India. Bane's new origin according to the film will probably be King Snake ravages a young Indian woman or maybe he kidnaps Ra's al Ghul's wife and has his way with her. Ra's raises the boy but he feels disgusted by the boy's existence and treats him as a weapon rather than an adopted son kinda how Ra's views his own son Dusan. Eventually Ra's will get his revenge on King Snake with Bane's help like he mentioned in Batman Begins. As for Catwoman, I rolled my eyes when I heard Anne Hathaway was playing Catwoman, its like hearing Amy Adams (the chick from Enchanted) playing Lois Lane or Topher Grace playing Venom (bad casting). Couldn't Nolan get Kate Beckinsale to play Selina but anyway I can see where this Catwoman is going. Selina will play Catwoman for Bruce Wayne and Batman but she will actually be Talia al Ghul in disguise. Nolan is trying to connect the whole "cat thing" being sacred in the middle east like Egypt and of course, Ra's al Ghul's name is arabic. I don't know. I mean when I heard Batman Begins put a pending Batman Beyond film on hold, I will admit I was pissed off but I gave Batman Begins a thumbs up because at first I liked the direction that this film was going but now I am glad that this will be Nolan's last take on Batman. Someone else needs to step up to "bat" and make a saga of Batman that no one can match. And yes that pun was intended.          
What the hell?Thats all unfounded speculation.So far he hasnt  "butchered"  any characters. He slightly messed up Joker by giving him face paint and not having it died into his skin but kept true to the spirit of the character and his craziness and i am thinking he will do the same thing with Bane.Chill out and wait till the movie actually comes out.
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Dc villains take this one kiddos

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Really?WWH easy!

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Iceman takes it here.No question