What should I buy

Right now I'm not really sure what to buy for new comics. I like: 
Everything involved with the Infinite Crisis 
Red Robin 
Teen Titans 
Anything with Batman 
So what  should I get

Posted by StarKiller809

There are a lot of new Batman titles. Batman INC. (I personally don't like it but you may). Batman: The Dark Knight by David Finch. (Issue one has already come out but issue 2 is coming out sometime in March.) I think Batwoman has a new series coming out. (I realize she isn't really Batman but she is kind of a member of the bat family.) Out of all the titles you listed, I would go with Red Robin.
Posted by TheRedRobin
Thanks for your input!
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Teen Titans and Red Robin is good 

Posted by TheRedRobin
Yeah they are, especially Red Robin.