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Hispanic characters in fiction are almost non-existant. Hispanic characters with decent powers who don't dress like colorful circus clowns are doubly rare. I always laugh when my black friends complain about how they only get token black characters. At least you guys get the tokens. So this is a list for the precious, precious few hispanic characters who don't make me ashamed of my ethnicity.

Note: I've recently come to understand the difference between Race and Ethnicity, and realize I use the word "Hispanic" pretty inaccurately in several places. I should go edit them. But I won't. Cuz I'm lazy. But i'm not lazy because i'm hispanic. I'm lazy because i'm American. :)

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Posted by Leliel

You are true there very little character who are good and even the few who are good are not always well writing I think we need a Superman style Hispanic character without a lame costume or Spanish word for character

Posted by darth_spidey195

DC deserves white wash criticism?  I don't know.  I'd say they've got a fair number of solid black characters (Jason Rusch, John Stewart, Cyborg, Black Lightning, Static Shock, Vixen, Steel, Bumblebee, Black Manta, the new Aqualad, etc.)  And hey, if you're list is any indication, there are good hispanic characters out there too.  You forgot Bane and Renee Montoya by the way.

Posted by TheRedFear

I didn't forget Bane. He's on my "Lame Hispanic Character" list. Go read why he's on it and I think you'll agree he deserves to be there.  
Now that you've reminded me about Montoya, I'll have to debate whether she should be on the lame list or the cool list. Offhand it's not looking good for her. She never really impressed me as a cop. Maybe she'd be a great cop on an episode of Law and Order or any other police procedural drama, but in a comic world she just fails. She's too normal to be anything but fresh meat when the supervillains roll around. I can't imagine that becoming The Question suddenly gave her a significant badass infusion. But i'll research and decide down the road which list to put her on.  
As for black characters, most of the people you just listed(Bumblebee, Black Manta, Black Lightning, Vixen)  would have their work cut out for them just to make it to the D-List of the Superhero scene.  They're "Token Black People". Nothing more. Like most the hispanics on my lame list.
I'll grant John Stewart is powerful...but you'd never know it based on any occasion where he shares the same page as Saint Hal. Or even Kyle for that matter. Kyle may have been bumped to second-string for Saint Hall, but John got bumped out of the orchestra altogether. Last time I checked he got busted back down to supporting cast.  I'm sure the only thing keeping Kyle in the band at all is that he's still got a white-sounding name and already earned himself a fairly loyal fanbase back when everybody thought he was white.  
I'll give Static credit for being an extremely rare minority character with both admirable characterization, AND solid powers...but his powers are only Good. He'll never be the kind of guy who can take over the earth when he goes rogue the way the realy heavy hitters of DC can. He's just one of the guys who dies valiantly in the futile struggle against the fallen hero.  At least until DC's next "Crisis" storyline resets the universe for the millionth time.  
Cyborg is similar to static. Another example of a decent character but in terms of powers he's not even on Static's level, and Static is nowhere near the level of people like Superman, Dr. Fate, Martian Manhunter, Flash, etc, etc.  
What little i've seen on the new Aqualad hasn't significantly impressed me so far. Right now i'd chalk him up to yet anbother token minority character and an effort to avoid the White Wash criticism. Considering even Aquaman is somewhat on the lower scale of powers(Compared to the rest of the Justice League mainstays at least) I wouldn't expect anything particularly impressive from the new Aqualad though. At least in terms of powers, feats, and accomplishments. But I suppose there's still hope for him at least getting good characterization and storylines. Time will tell.
Posted by Shadowsnake89

Don't know if you considered them for the good or lame list but what about Rigger Ruiz, Rex Salazar, and Fer de Lance.

Posted by link2601

Hey great list but u forgot a few like Aztek, Bunker, the other El Diablo that is in the Secret Six , Tempest, And Wind Dancer aka Renascence. Just wandering were would you put these guys

Posted by TheRedFear

@link2601: I'm not having luck finding any hispanic characters named Tempest. Can you be more specific?

Posted by link2601
@TheRedFear: I meant Angel Salvadore but it looks like you already put her on the lame list for good reason.
Posted by KillerZ

Just wanted to let you know i added Miles' parents to the site Jefferson and Rio. Miles just goes by his mother's name.

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@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: All of those people(except Mirage) are on my lame list.

I have heard that they recently remade Vibe for new DC comics and he's supposedly pretty decent now. I havn't had a chance to read anything with him in it yet though, so I dunno enough to decide if he's been redeemed enough to be worth switching over to the cool list.

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Tyson Rios is not hispanic but since he's so cool just keep him. Also what about Bane

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What the hell does "purley hispanic" mean, in terms of Mile Morales? Do you even know what hispanic mean?

Posted by rogueing

Sunspot is Brazilian... which is not hispanic.

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@rogueing said:

Sunspot is Brazilian... which is not hispanic.

Brazilian is considered hispanic or latino.

Posted by mace11

Ultimate Iron Man in the Ultimate universe.

He is latino or hispanic.

For the mcu ironman is not latino or hispanic even if some of the mcu influences are from the ultimate universe.

Check out Ultimate iron man In other media in the last link below however.

Antonio Stark (Earth-1610) - Marvel Comics Database

Ultimate Iron Man (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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