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Nurrrrr..... Wouldnt it make sense that if her telepathic abilities were developing rapidly Charles put the blocks to slow the flow them. But being an omega level mutant she wouldnt need to "absorb" his powers, just her trying to force her telepathic ability would be enough to tear down the blocks. Jean Posesses high amounts of just raw power.

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1) Jean Grey fans, do you like Emma Frost, has she been a good girlfriend to Cyclops and a good X-Men leading lady. Has she better than Jean Grey ? I do like Emma Forst, she was a great "woman behind the man". As a leading lady she let her man run the show and she did what she thought was best, to her best. As far as being better, No because Jean isnt a Behind the man type of woman, When Xavier left in New X-Men Jean was in charge.

2) Do you feel Emma Frost earn right to be X-Men leading lady or did she sleep her way to the top ? This answer is tricky, its a little of both. She wanted Scott, i dont think it had anything to do with working her way to the top. But how she went about pursuing Scott was trashy and classless, tho she claims to be "top class bred".

3) Does Jean deserve to be treated better than Emma, now that she back. Do you feel Emma will be push aside like Jean Grey was ?

I wouldnt say just off sheer tit for tat that Jean should be treated better , but I do think Marvel should treat the first X-Woman with more respect than has been shown. I feel that Jean's story is more something they wanna explore rather then Emma trailing behind Scott and being seen as a villain again.

4) Are you glad Jean back, and you want to see there interesting rivalry again ? I love Jean so im glad she's back. Rivalry, not really its been done, maybe a quick "woman to woman" as it were.

5) Would you prefer them to be friends? Jean and Emma in New X-Men was as close as friends as they got, and if u were to read it without knowing anything about X-Men u would think that they are sisters. One perky friendly smart, the other sassy and smart.

6) Emma swore to get her revenge on Jean Grey, do you think she will , now that Jean a kid ?. I doubt it, that would be counterprotductive to how Emma's character has grown, she might as well find Shaw and snatch the hellfire from those brats if thats what she will do.

7) In the future, should we see Jean and Scott back together or Emma and Scott ?. What is the better relationship ? Who is the better girlfriend ? I would rather Scott be left alone, his girlfriends tend to ..die or have a extremely close encounters. Madelyne... died. Jean...Died. Emma..... near death about 2 or 3 times.

8) Will marvel hook up Jean with Logan at some point and should they ? I wouldve liked that during her original life, not now. Maybe when she goes back to the past, if she manages to stay alive, maybe...

9) Will marvel ever return the 616 version of Jean grey and should they ? I hope so, Jean is something who has been tied with baggage of failed marriage and over redundant self sacrificing deaths, im over it. Let her live. Give her the chance to be how great she was becoming.

10) Are you liking Bendis's Jean Grey ? I think she has captured the essence of a young Jean and her personality pretty accuretly. I think he has captured the young Jean's essence and personality very well.

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@Veitha said:


" time

Good, Emma deserve that treatment, Jean was treated poorly for years, just so Emma can shine in comics"

And this was before QueenForst's comment.

But I don't want to argue about this... live and let die, "Hunni, sweety, baby, cookie"

lol, I cannot control others reaction, i showed u what sparked my response. thats all i can do. also "live and let die" girl get ya life.... very unecessary.

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@Veitha said:

Weren't you and Time to start the debate, not Emma Frost's fans?? Illyana Rasputin had just said something about Emma - not Jean- and you and Time started an argument about who's better between Emma and Jean, even if it was off-topic and if no one had stated nothing about or against Jean before. The ones who compared them were you, not Emma's fans.

QueenForst :

^^^ Lool love u boo

And are we really gonna argue here? Jean Grey is like the lamest character....ever. The writers tried so hard to make her work and be loved, but Emma Frost just oozes depth, and despite writers constantly dragging her character down she still manages to secure a strong fanbase and be enjoyed by the masses. She is everything the writers wanted Jean Grey to be and more.

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@Veitha said:

Weren't you and Time to start the debate, not Emma Frost's fans?? Illyana Rasputin had just said something about Emma - not Jean- and you and Time started an argument about who's better between Emma and Jean, even if it was off-topic and if no one had stated nothing about or against Jean before. The ones who compared them were you, not Emma's fans.

Hunni, sweety, baby, cookie look first i read thru this thread before i posted what i said, my comment was not even geared towards Illyana Rasputin. I saw nothing wrong with what she said, as stated previously, people get very protective over main and faved characters. There was another comment made, bashing and attacking Jean where I thought it was offensive. Secondly please dont assume to kno the motives behind why i commented. Thirdly I wrote my last post because I didnt like how harsh I was on Emma, even tho I believe what I wrote, the tone in which it was written was unneccessary. And lastly it wasnt us who started it, I didnt start anything i was responding to a SPECIFIC comment made, altho i didnt tag the person or reply or quote it was for that comment.

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-stares blankly- U completely have said what Ive been saying forever. People usually dont like Jean because she is all powerful and also has a kind heart, they see no conflict, which makes every other character seem weak and petty in comparison. So ensues the Jean hate. But she was always meant to be what she is now. She is the epitomy mutant evolution, well evolution period. Her inate ability to understand her power and master it so completely shows signs of limitless potential. Also i believe that its her character, her integrity that makes her the person she is today, whenever faced with choosing between herself and other life, she willingly dies. My favorite quote about her powers were from Death "She was always meant to inhereit those gifts, it was her birthright, the power of the phoenix was hers".

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I just wanna say that up until recently i never had any issues with Emma, not even her character i understand how she has done all the things she has. And when u read her own backstory series alot more of her makes sense. I actually enjoyed it and even liked Emma. But its the Emma fans that make it impossible to tolerate. They immediately go into comparing the two and Jean bashing. Now why i understand that the writers have often put these two at odds, doesnt mean the fans have to degrade or disrespect the other character. I can see the interest and likability in both. Jean just so happens to be my favorite. Nothing against Emma. But when Emma fans constantly come after her, it gets a lil ridiculous, i kinda snapped, lol. Sorry for the previous offensive post. Its all accurate but offence was not the intention, that much, lol. but ... CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG -rant over and steps from soapbox-

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@NazarethSavage said:

Whatever Bendis did to Emma..she deserves it.


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Emma Frost is as about as deep as a teaspoon. The daughter of rich absentee parents. Poor little rich girl. Always looking for a father figure in her men. This, her whole storyline has been done for years on every single major soap opera. She is neither Dynamic or innovative. She is a slutted up version of Jean. Just with waaay less power. And Jean seems to be hated because she's powerful and sweet. She isnt some damaged, over sexed whore with Daddy issues and a mother that couldnt teach her how to be a lady. A well rounded family life obviously gets u hated. She became a plot device, and even then Emma still was competing with, as she says it, a corpse. But Emma is only good as a runner up, in everything.

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White Phoenix of the Crown is the highest point any weilder of the phoenix can acheive, until recently, it was only Jean, but Hope (holds back vomit) has shown it. Also she is Omega Level, so Wolverine only let her kno what she was already capable of, she just explored that part of her powers earlier than original. Thus why she is Omega Level, her potential is limitless. And i hate to say this because im the biggest Jean Grey fan, but i think Marvel is gonna kill her off for good. I think whenever she goes back to the past, when on the shuttle she will possibly reject the phoenix instead of taking it. Thus keeping her dead from the crash at Jamaica bay onward. Marvels treatment of the X-Men and Jean sucks anyway, now look at Rogue, they called her a whore, she has only been with 2 people. she couldnt touch anyone for more than 20 years so how is she a whore. its just bad treatment of great characters that brought so much to the brand that is X-Men and Marvel. -end rant-