The Greatest Powerhouses

A list of the greatest powerhouses in the comic book universe!

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Wow I did´t know how strong is She Hulk!
Good list!
Add Maestro and Doomsday!!

Posted by Valtot

you could add Omni-Man, hes alot more powerful than some people there  
and you could add nova or blue marvel
Posted by Walker696

hmmmm good list but don't forget folks like
-Mr. Majestic
-Martian Manhunter
-Blue Marvel

Posted by emmbro30
  1. Let's not forget:    
    1. Blue Marvel    2. War-Machine    3. Drax    4. Red Hulk     5. Red She-Hulk    6. Centenial   7. Adam Warlock  8. Bizarro  9. Steel  10. Captain Marvel (DC)  To name a few.                     

Posted by PowerHerc

Good list.   
It's always fun to list the powerhouses.


you forgot  
Blue Marvel 
Posted by AssertingValor

count nefari is really up there too!
Posted by RoninTheFury

Good list, but The World breaker Hulk beat the Ares, She-hulk, and Hulkbuster Ironman with ease, and is far stronger than Colossus. also, the beating he laid on the Sentry speaks volumes as to how much more powerful he has become.

Posted by goldenshot80

May this is his FAVORITE power houses because theres no Chuck Norris

Posted by Taylove

This list is alright but alot of powerhouses you left off of it you could have done better.    
Posted by majestic99

You forgot Martian Manhunter.

Posted by PowerHerc

I just looked at this list again and I enjoyed it even more than I did before.

Great list!