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Theracles was born when Hercules had an affair with Hebe, as soon as Theracles was born he displayed incredible strength which he inherited from his father by knocking Apollo unconscious with a single punch and after noticing this Hercules immediately began to train Theracles during his adolescence, Hercules taught Theracles all he knows which resulted in Theracles possessing all of Hercules' skills however still not satisfied with his son's physical skills he sent Theracles around the world to train under various masters until such time that Theracles mastered every fighting style in existence during the ancient world, Theracles inherited his father's drive for physical perfection which caused him to go through extensive physical training and body building, Athena and Hebe watched Theracles become extremely strong however they did not wish to see him turn into a mere fighter but also a tactical genius which prompted them to have Theracles study intensely and had Ares teach Theracles various military tactics which ultimately made Theracles not just a physically strong god but a super genius in every field of science and war tactics, now as a young man Theracles approached Zeus and had a conversation with him about Hercules' twelve labors which resulted in Theracles telling Zeus that he wishes to be stripped of his immortality so that he may earn it in a similiar fashion as his father by completing tasks and performing heroics however Theracles did not do this for the mere pleasure of being a hero nor the thrill of combat he did this for as soon as he was born he was taught by Athena and Zeus that he must be honorable and always follow the light which made Theracles a humble and heroic youth, now as a young man performing heroics he gained a reputation among ancient Greece and Rome as an incredibely strong hero possibly stronger than Hercules himself and when he completed his labors he was brought to Olympus by Zeus and was made into an immortal and was given all of his godly powers and now that he had become a true hero and is at full power he decided to continue his extensive physical training in Olympus and eventually he surpassed his father in physical power, upon hearing this Hercules became proud of his son and wished to test him and so he challenged his son to combat, Hercules and Theracles, father and son locked in a test of strength and Theracles began to push Hercules back displaying his immense strength and proving to have more physical strength than his father and after defeating his father he spent thousands of years in Olympus resting and training as well until such time that he had become unimaginably strong and the fates then told Zeus that Theracles had become the physically strongest god in Olympus surpassing Hercules and Zeus himself. Once the birth of of heroes such as Captain Ameirca and others came, Theracles decided to resign as a hero and remained in Olympus still training to become stronger however his curiosity in the modern heroes grew and shortly after Iron Man had joined the registration side during the period before the Civil War, Theracles travelled to Earth and joined the Secret Avengers in order to once again continue his heroic ways on Earth.