La primera portada de Uncanny Avengers

Todos sabíamos que tarde o temprano que esto iba a pasar. Asi que ya estamos viendo parte de lo que sera Marvel NOW! En el dia de hoy colocaron la portada de Uncanny Avengers #1. Por lo que veo el grupo consiste en Avengers y X-Men

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Posted by ArtGamer

un post en español :P es el primero que veo...

Posted by knighthood

I thought Havok was Bullseye for a second. That is some ugly work for John Cassady.

Posted by ThePRez

@knighthood: I had the same problem. At least for me Thor looks great. Why not the change to Capt too? The even put some clothe to Scarlet Witch hehe

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

@knighthood: going back to his roots... you and i just have to get use to it. I do though, prefer his current costume... looks modern and boss

Posted by knighthood

@Baberaham_Lincoln: That's not his old school look. Boots? Gloves? Pants? Head Fin Thingies slicked down? No white around the neck?

Havok Classic.
Posted by arcano_19

bueno se me hace muy overkill este equipo vamos thor la bruja havoc y rouge en un mismo equipo? con esos podrias conquistar la tierra la verdad no veo un equilibro en este equipo y me da miedo saber que le pasara a x-men legacy, es mi comic favorito debido a que es el comic de rouge

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

@knighthood: geez i know his old school look okay, just meant that it was REMINISCENT of his old school look. Even the damn interview from CBR said they wanted to go back to his roots, not the direct quote, but they were stating that quiet clearly.