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@asgaard: Hi asgaard! You're really prolific, it's cool. :)

Here's my "humble" point of view :

From the beginning Aaron didn't stick with the continuity. People didn't care, because Aaron is a good story teller and Thor looked badass. But we were already far, far away the Thor that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created (the one who is my favorite super hero).

When Thor was created, at the early beginning, the writers let us thought that Donald Blake was a human who inherited the power of Thor from Mjolnir.

Maybe because the soul and the power of Thor resided in the hammer.

My guess :

I think this is the approach that Aaron wants to use. He doesn't care about continuity and wants to tell his own vision of Thor and Mjolnir.

I wouldn't be suprised if it turns out that Odinson was a vessel created by Odin for the soul of Thor residing in Mjolnir.

Ps : From my point of view, the inscription on Mjolnir was altered by one of the best Thor artist to create Beta Ray Bill. ;(

i think at the beginning it was just there to let Donald Blake thinks he was a human worthy of Mjolnir.

you are right, i like the idea of Odin and Cul as brothers like Loki and Thor but you are right

I always thought it would have been better if Cul was just the step-brother of Odin.

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I know, each time (or almost) someone took the hammer, Thor was severely beaten up.

One can dream, but maybe in this encounter Aaron will show us how Thor can deal effortlessly with someone who has Mjolnir.

The best thing would be an unworthy Thor who totally outclasses "She-Thor", but in the same time would acknowledge her worth and take her under his wing.

It would be stupid to make her beat him, I mean :

she's just a rookie who took his hammer, his name, and what next?

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@geno said:

"he is out of character in this book. "

I totally agree!!!
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@rorie: It works! Thanks for your dedication. :)

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Glad to see I'm not the only one. :)

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@Selinaky: I like "classic Thor" (I'm fond of Avengers Disassembled and Jms and Coipel's Thor too! XD) .

I'm always a little bit bothered when asgardians are almost depicted as "mere barbarians".

For me, they are not just vikings, they are the gods that vikings worshipped.

Notice it's hard to really know the Asgardians technological level...

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@sommyt: Thanks! XD

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Hercules isn't stronger than Thor!!! They are equal in terms of strength! But Hercules is a little bit more technical

in a hand to hand fight... He has a SLICE advantage...!

A hand to hand fight between them can go either way...