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They should just animate the Hiketia, name it The Hiketia: Wonder Woman vs Batman, and call it a day.

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Getting Cheetah as well as FB, Trigon, and Deathstroke. They should have had Strife as a third villian ,Wonder Woman #23.3 Strife by Brian and Chiang would have been one hell of a one shot.

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Actually issue 12 already proved that the "Berserker mode" greatly increases her power. When she uncuffed in issue 23, it showcased that Diana does go insane as she did in the old comics. Her rage caused her to loose her edge and FB saw that weakness and exploited it. I mean it's not like she was she defeated, she was just knocked down similar to when Diana punched FB building.

WW wasn't down for very long and she could have to attacked FB at any time. But Instead of becoming an uncontrollable monster, she choose to be herself and defeat FB with skill. So yes it does raises her power, but it also causes her to loose control(it's noticeable weakness). Maybe Orion will help her to control her powers the same way he tries to control his own.

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Don't normally like Booth's art, but that Wonder Woman rocks.

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The people at Rocksteady should definately take a shot at a Wonder Woman game. Base it off "Who is Wonder Woman" where Circe leads all of Wondys rogues against her. Or base if off the new 52 where you fight off the entire pantheon of the gods.

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I was diapointed in how "god mode" was brushed aside so easily, but then again she quickly recovered. Maybe when Diana sits on Ares's throne and officially becomes the god of war, the god mode will recieve a powerup making her an actual god in that state.

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Her smallville season 11 costume looks awesome.

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It shouldn't air on CN due to their merchandise=success logic. Make it air on the Hub or Nickolodean, or maybe on the CW with Bruce Timm's JL.

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WB has been "trying" to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen for while now, but I think they should focus on a live action movie. Instead have a Wonder Woman animated series by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko(Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra). ATLA's female characters were popular enough for them to make the next avater a female. If a WW series was adapted in the same style and tone of LoK, I'd dare say it would be just as epic as Batman: the Animated Series.

Would you like to see a WW animated series in the style of LoK?

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That will be the closest thing we'll have for a whole sadly.