Top 100 Marvel Characters

Because if you do one company's list of favorites, you should probably do the other too. Despite diminished support, many favorite creations mark this list... the later entries I look on not quite as fondly, but I did at least fill the 100 spots.

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Quite list you're made. I like seeing the Thing at number two.

Posted by time

Wolverine and Magneto in your top 4. Pretty cool. Nice list.

Posted by ScarcelyLucky

List is invalid. No Deadpool. No Iron Man. I don't like Iron Man too much, but lets be honest, he is better than Sunspot.

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Spidey as number 10?!?

Posted by hyperbertha

Jean Grey should be in the top 5. Are you serious?

Posted by KorusDestroyus

This list is just so bad X_X if you are talking about opinion on who is cooler, still so bad X_X where is Galactus man X_X ever heard of Eternity, Infinite, Death X_X?


Posted by catfightfan

As a big Fantastic Four fan, I am so happy to see the Thing near the top of your list! He is one of the most tragic characters in all of Marveldom.

Posted by Bezza

Some people on here really don't understand the concept of a "favourite characters list"...its not a bad list, its the user's favourite characters list, which is bound to be different from other people's lists! I like it.

Posted by GameOfMarvel

Where is ghost rider?

Where is deadpool?

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NO GHOST RIDER WHAT IS THIS. I'm sure ghost rider can beat most of them.

Ghost rider can't die, he will just return back