Top 100 DC Characters

Because everyone needs a favorite list of characters. They are ordered, though prone to occasional shifting. 
 Excludes incredibly new introductions and the return of Vertigo characters. Those will eventually find their way onto the list.

List items

Posted by AlphaPrime

im sure characters are not placed is order of power cz if so then its 10000% the wrong order

Posted by NeonPheonix

Ragman is Awesome

Posted by time

Nice list.

Posted by niceguy609

batman should be #1

Edited by Bezza

batman should be #1

Why? Comments like this make me laugh. The poster is free to choose whoever he wants as number one. Cool list btw.

Posted by Nightwing661

Barry Allen as 30?

Posted by Bezza

I don't think Green Lantern deserves #1. 1. Batman 2. Superman 3. Wonder Woman :}

Why not? The OP loves Hal Jordan best and its a good choice. I would go Flash myself, but everyone has their own tastes, would be boring if we all agreed!

Posted by crazymom

Great list! But who is Power girl and how can she be above wonder woman?

What is the order based on?

Edited by SunmolaA

First things first...I think this list is bullshit,u can't put impulse so low...what d fuck is catwoman and penguid doing above him and jay garrick...they've got no superpowers...who made this list in d first place

Posted by SunmolaA

Everyone who has commented above me is whack...none of u noticed this list was bogus...sorry is this the most powerful or most popular list...coz its rubbish if it was either

Posted by DwightSpitz

I'm on the phone so maybe I just missed him but why no Doomsday? And how come Bane is so low-ranking? Knight fall is one of the best story arcs ever!

Edited by SoopaCoop16

Harley Quinn as #64? Really? I think she deserves a much higher slot like in the twenties or possibly the -teens

Posted by jazzybe11e

I find your lack of Watchmen characters disturbing.

Posted by mental_com1

am I the only one who noticed the miss Martian is 56 and Martian manhunter is 82, even though they have the same powers

Posted by KeyunHodge16

Hal Jordan as #1???????? It should have been Superman or Batman as #1 and Wonder Woman at #3!!