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The good piece of that is that it has (and is less likely to have) alienated less readers who don't like the "Morrison crazy" style...

So if I loved his JLA run, but disliked his Batman RIP run...I should like this?

8 months ago I would have said absolutely. Today? I'd say... maybe. If you loved his JLA run and were at least okay with RIP, you should like this. If you disliked RIP... you might want to skip a beat or two. There is some really great stuff in this run... but I'd say it now falls between the range of JLA and RIP.

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@Stormbox: I decided to take this from a little bit more of a sales-analysis view.

The titles I would see as at all potential risk would be those that fall below the Top 100 sales mark, which for some time was actually a consistent indicator of those series that would be cancelled within a year (those series would also remain at the 100 breakpoint for at least 3 months in a row and then begin to dip further down). 17 series become eligible under that criteria. I would disqualify Team 7 and Sword of Sorcery from consideration for this wave cut, but not for future cuts. The remaining titles are (in lowest sales order): Firestorm, I Vamp, DCUP, Hawkman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Batwing, Stormwatch, LOSH, Ravagers, Dial H, All Star Western, Green Arrow, Superboy and Birds of Prey. Of those, I would eliminate Demon Knights & Green Arrow from consideration, based on February creative change indications (and possibly Birds of Prey, because of hints of creative change upcoming there, as well as Legion, due to the reteaming of Levitz & Giffen which may be afforded cushion). Thus follows:

Highly Likely: Fury of Firestorm, Savage Hawkman, DC Universe Presents, Deathstroke

All four of these titles were in the lowest sales bracket, have had the largest drops over 6 months (DCUP excepting) and the largest annual drops. FoF, Hawkman & Deathstroke were also 3 out of 4 of the lowest selling trades released (DCUP has not released yet, the other 1 of the 4 lowest selling trades was LOSH). All 4 have received multiple creative changes, including a round in October.

Possible: Stormwatch, Batwing, I Vampire

Expectations for Stormwatch were higher than it has been reaching. Batwing is the lowest of the Bat titles, but isn't truly tanked right now, and I Vampire surely has held up far better than it was expected to do. Stormwatch has dropped a lot over the past year... Batwing a lot over the past few months... and I Vampire has consistently hung in the bottom bracket... but any of these 3 could truly go either way in this turn. A tie-in opportunity could delay death, a slower drop in November could prove a saving grace and editorial interest might at least allow them to ride out to the point of reaching a natural story conclusion (a pat on the back, let's wrap kinda mentality). All 3 fall in the bottom 3rd of collection sales, but aren't that far off from the likes of Green Lantern: New Guardians or Supergirl.

Unlikely: Dial H, Ravagers

They're both dropping in sales, and the drops are still pretty pronounced... but the sales expectations on them probably aren't that heavy, and I would call it premature to drop them now. Maybe next wave, but not really all that much of a chance today.

Highly Unlikely: Superboy, All Star Western

Both might be under the Top 100 but have maintained sales relatively well over a long term. They might be cancelled, but not until 2014 (and there are boosts ops along the way).

As Far As Replacements Go:

Sales Wise, prior books that held up relatively well: Superman/Batman, Brave & the Bold, JSA (I know, E-2, but shh.), Booster Gold, Robin/Red Robin, Secret Six, Power Girl, Zatanna, Confidential-Style Books

Creative Wise I'd Love to See: Cyborg, Lois Lane, Joker & Luthor, Shazam, Justice League Task Force, a growth of core franchises like: Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman

A Final Note: None of these cancellations are "suggestions" or what I want... I'm rather fond of some of those books, most especially I, Vampire, which I would plead to save if possible... but I think it is sometimes more reasonable to look at sales data to make a conclusion (ex: cancellation of Justice League & Batman? Not likely right now)

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Action Comics, Before Watchmen: Minutemen, Earth-2, Fairest, Swamp Thing...

Action Comics: I'm hoping that this'll be the week it starts really living up to my (admittedly high) expectations... last month was a solid stand-alone... but I'm really waiting for the solid arc to happen. First one just didn't quite thrill me throughout. I liked it, I just didn't love it. I'm hoping that I'll be able to love this one.

Minutemen: Darwyn Cooke, c'mon. Hoping the first horse out of the gate will be a strong one.

Earth 2: Issue #1 rocks my socks off. I'd be thrilled to continue this story, with or without the Alan Scott revelations. Also, Nicola Scott, C'MON.

Fairest: I'm not loving it as much as I thought I would be at this point, but I'm certainly not unhappy to buy it. Always hope that the next issue will be stronger fare.

Swamp Thing: A consistent favorite, and Francavilla reuniting with Snyder is YES. YES. YES. Can't wait to see how they reinterpret Anton Arcane.

Unfortunately I'm jumping ship on AvX and Dark Avengers this week. AvX... has been really unpleasant for me. I know I'm "supposed to hang on for the cliffhanger" but they've used up all of my reserves. Its done for me. Dark Avengers I'm sad to depart, I'm sure Jeff Parker will continue to write a great series... but I'm not interested in Dark Avengers, I'm interested in Thunderbolts. They've tried to campaign that the transition will be smooth... but the name change does too much negative for me... I'm sure it'll get a sales boost though, because of the name, so the fact that they're losing my readership is clearly not an issue for them. Perhaps some day I'll catch up again, but for now, we part ways my dear.

Also pretty darned excited for Animal Man, Dial H and Sweet Tooth...

X-Factor has been solid, I'm hoping Avengers Academy will manage to extract itself from the AvX deathtrap that has made it rather unenjoyable for me.

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Hopefully this gets people into the shops. Yay. Cool.

@Deadcool said:

Somewhere, Alan Moore is mad.

Yeah, but really, how would that be any different without Before Watchmen? Grumpy is as grumpy does.

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I never end up seeing these "TV Spots" on TV.

They don't really hit too many prime networks unfortunately... I remember the New 52 on G4, BBC and Cartoon Network...

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@NightFang: I really hope they're not playing this on Cartoon Network.

I don't think it'd be a great marketing decision, to be honest... perhaps during Adult Swim, but we'll see.

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here are some examples: beast boy is red, cyborg is a founding member of the jla instead of the martian, and green arrow( i have no problem with him begin on just not as a founding member) also it appears that he s around green arrow age group when he is suppose to be in roy's age group, Donna Troy and Wally don't exist( how you leave them about while keeping their team mates) the original teen titans weren't a team. Batman and the green lantern series seems to be going as if the new 52 never happen( explain that). what was the purpose of the reboot to reintroduce the characters and they go about this by screwing everything up and making it hard to follow. what do you think

Nope, I rather enjoy the New 52. Boy howdy I love the easy questions!

Well, Beast Boy is (temporarily) red in logical connection with the developing concept of "The Red" so I actually appreciate it. Cyborg has rather rocked his time on the JLA, "The Martian" still has his place and actually seems to have an interesting role developing in the future... 'age group' lost its meaning for me some time ago (and besides, Vic is only a few years out of High School), Donna and Wally are planned for a returned, the original TT may have been a team (perhaps even with the name), I'm rather happy that Batman and GL are going on as pre-New 52 (there was a solid foundation, not only of story but of fandom and sales), and the purpose of the reboot was to reinvigorate a somewhat stagnant sales line, which clearly has occurred... while some things may be "screwed up" I'll mention that there were plenty of "screwed up" things pre-New 52 that got fans just as hot and bothered (you're telling me you want one-armed Speedy to be drug addicted and fighting with a dead cat as his weapon? you want that returned to continuity? k.) and it actually seems rather simple to follow, as there is a generally coherent flow to the coordinated universe.

Just my opinion though.

@Manwhohaseverything said:

I think you're making the mistake of thinking DC did the New 52 to appease the old-guard fan base. It was solely a business decision, a way to attract new readers. That was the goal of the New 52, not to make sure the Teen Titans made sense to long time readers. Batman is moving on as if nothing happened, because Batman sells anyhow, so little need for drastic changes. As a business decision, it has worked so far, and since a business decision is what is was, I have to conclude not only did DC not screw up, but it was a brilliant move.

Alright, you probably said it better than I did...

@Nova`Prime` said:

I think what DC should have done if they wanted to tell original stories and change up their characters was make it an alternate unconnected reality, much like Marvel did with the Ultimates. That way you have the old DC fans still happily buying your product and then you have ability to also try to bring in new readers. The whole idea of a reboot, relaunch, retcon (call it what you will) is a very poor business decision especially for an industry that is built on its history.

Based on the current sales figures of the Ultimate universe... (and the fact that my experience suggests they are mostly the same fanbase) I don't subscribe to that theory so easily.

For anyone still feeling "confused" I'd like to hear what is so confusing... I genuinely don't see where the complications arise unless you're factoring in pre-new 52 continuity... (at which point, I'd like to note that the somewhat contradictory nature of the assertion that pre-new 52 was not confusing, when it is in fact the offending element of the equation). I'm pretty well versed in New 52, so if you express your confusions, I'll know what you're referencing. Share it out peeps. What're you confused about?

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Pre-emptive routine reminder that Batman: The Dark Knight is receiving a new (IMO stellar) writer.

Clearly Batman is fantastic. Batman & Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl... I'm a Catwoman fan... really starting to dig BoP and Red Hood has hit its stride for me... Batwing is probably the weakest link above (considering the above disclaimer) and I'm still rather fond of it, so on the whole I'd say Bat-family=strong.

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Breaking news: Comic fans don't like change! World reacts with shock and awe!


I think it was certainly an interesting direction to drive the character. While I liked the previous design better, it had played out its purpose a thousand times over and was worn. At least this is something new. There are new doors and new possibilities invited by it. It doesn't jeopardize the strength of past tales like Heart of Ice, but it keeps Fries relevant, IMHO.

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@RandomAtom: Just curious, are you interested in why I'm NOT quitting DC comics?

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@Deranged Midget said:

The majority of the Bat-family is unchanged, but good luck mate.

Yes they are. Refer to one of the other times I've explained why. I almost have an aneurysm every time someone says this, and it's not their fault. DC lied. Sorry if I seem hostile, I'm not having a shot at you at all.

I should know better to jump into this, but I'm foolishly optimistic I suppose... I think a better way of putting it is that a majority of the Bat-family is unchanged to an extent that most fans have either noticed or cared... yes, the things that you have noted are potentially altered... I don't happen to agree with each of the bullets that you've provided, but again, that is my interpretation... sorry that you feel that its compromised your reading experience. I don't agree with the portrayal of the company as being maliciously intended, as I find it somewhat unlikely that they see "being lying bastards" as their best marketing strategy... that you feel somewhat ostracized by the changes may be an adverse effect of the overall implementation of things, and it may cause some, like OP, to quit DC comics... nevertheless, I think it is also rather natural for some fans, such as myself, to respond to such hostility with a balancing positive interpretation of events... for instance, I don't think that the 'continuity black hole' means that things MUST be ignored... they CAN be, but I choose not to.

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Superhero, so long as I know I'm actually helping to make the world a better place.

Of course, if I was rich I could similarly use the wealth to support the world in a similar manner... ooh, this was easy a moment ago... I guess I'll stick with superhero.

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@sunhawk: Well... I agree with you about the need to provide wider coverage... but they ARE reaching some different sources... plenty of decent media coverage... USA Today, New York Times, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, Maxim, Crave, Complex, Chicago Tribune, and others have all covered comic books, not just because of "issue" elements like Alan Scott...

Not to mention the additional coverage by "Nerd Caves" which do cater to additional audiences, like AICN, i09, Wired, MTV, iFanboy, CBR and of course ComicVine...

I mean, TheAdvocate, Out Magazine and others, including a couple of basically NRA magazines covered niche-books, completely throwing me for a loop...

They can't exactly demand a place at the checkout counter... but they did manage to negotiate their way back to a major presence in bookstores... they've widely expanded in Hastings bookstores and B&N... plus, they're launching the new ad campaign for BW... (I'm gonna start referencing it that way in an attempt to minimize "OMGhatred" posts regarding the subject)... so they're trying.