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@Lvenger: For now I am... I update every month, so anything you see here is what I've been buying... there are a couple that were in jeopardy that have dodged the bullet because of reassessed budgeting... eventually some will be dropped for sure, but most of them have a one year leash from the time I began them.

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@Ganthetsward20 said:

I have not read any of the All Star Western but they always seem to get an great rating I think im gonna add it to my subs.

I would highly recommend it and would mark it as one of the overall + elements of the relaunch... I was picking up a majority of DC books pre-launch, but not Jonah Hex, just because I felt it was going to be too hard to pull the full picture... like many others, I jumped onto the book with #1, it has held a much higher readership since then and has retained its high praise from before the New 52... I've enjoyed it so much that now I'm going back to start at #1 from the Hex series as well.

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The twist that is spoiler blocked really kinda floored me... it seems obvious now, but when I read the page my mouth just dropped and I let out an indecent expletive or two. That was... well done.

All that work to get a Blue Lantern and yet still so easy to lose them...

This book is really stepping up its game right now... my thoughts have been slightly against the trend, in that this hasn't been my favorite of the lantern books (doesn't mean I haven't liked it, just haven't adored it), but it is quickly building up the steam it needs to move into a powerhouse spot... I think this is really a build over time style book. Well done.

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500% to this review.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who found the first page somewhat strange... it by no means tarnished the issue for me, but I did kinda shrug and say "oh. k."

This book has continually impressed me, and has, as with Mat, moved me to rabid Aqua-fandom... really, I can't articulate how incredibly cool Aquaman is to me right now. SO cool.

Johns and Reis... I'm hoping that they'll be a team on books for the next 10 years. What a darn team.

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@Batcrow: I actually completely forgot about Strife! I love the character! Even though she is technically a reinterpretation of a pre-existing character... my interpretation (as a reader) of her is actually as a completely originally character... so she'll make it into my next update for sure!

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Didn't make it to the comic store today... overall sounding like I should attempt to de-pull it when I get to the store tomorrow...

I'd love any further recommendations on whether I should drop it or keep pulling... all opinions welcome. I can't make up my own mind, so I need others to sway me, please. (Also, that way I can blame you if you're wrong... okay, or credit you if you're right.)

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@moywar700 said:

Did his house really get TPed?

It did, but apparently "Its my boys buddies!" was his response... so, not a consequence of his comic work.

@Onemoreposter said:

I really liked it. Stop hating.

Apparently you're not in the minority either... the vocals may be against it, but there seems to be some positive vibe to it... a friend of mine also mentioned how much he enjoyed the issue... so different strokes. I'm still trying to work out my reaction to it at this point... I'm leaving the door open for the next issue to suck me back into the book.

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I knew about the reorder list... it was the selling out part that I was unaware of...

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@sethysquare said:

@The Mighty Monarch: I wont use hawk and dove as a measure. Since I think Liefeld's fan base may not seem to like H&D. I guess we'll just have to see. Reports are saying that its a sell out already for Deathstroke, it made the top 10 reorder list few weeks ago. Also... it was because Deadpool was popular enough, thats how it was warranted a solo to begin with for Joe Kelley to work on. And how about Cable and X-force?

I guess time will tell.

Where are the reports coming from that its a sell out? I also don't remember it on the reorder list, but I found that... somehow I missed that. I'm somewhat confused on why the retailer reaction was so strong on that account... I wonder if it'll have a similar effect on Grifter or Hawkman and whether the effect will last...

As for the book itself... I've given it a day to think it over... I certainly didn't hate it. I'd probably award it about the same level that the OP did... I'm somewhat discontented with the apparent steps backwards... mostly because I was just finally starting to like Deathstroke again... I'm not jumping ship, at least not for a few more issues... it just didn't resonate with me. There were a couple of bad moments... but on the whole, I at least basically enjoyed the reading experience... I just wasn't thrilled with it. This is one of those rare occurrences where I'm actually letting out of book decisions, like the jettisoning of Higgins, influence my opinion of the book... I tried not to let that happen... and honestly some of that tension would be eased if they'd toss him something else, but... the good news is that even at this level, they've managed to retain me, and my ire bar isn't too raised.

My being off track with a majority of readers isn't all that common... but when it is, it is usually in circumstances such as this so...

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@Mercy_ said:

@inferiorego He's being an ass about it. Theres a respectful way to correct somebody's assumptions and that is not the way to do it.