An Appeal for I, Vampire: A Save This Book Campaign

An Appeal for I, Vampire

Many of us have that book that we read that we absolutely adore, but realistically understand that its chances of reaching certain issue # milestones are somewhat limited by the reality of sales. We hope with our fingers crossed behind our backs and then shout about the injustice of it all when the book is cancelled, blaming anyone we can get our hands on (most often the publisher). While we might’ve talked about how much we love the book before… the truth is more often than not we haven’t actively tried to “save” our book, at least not all that well. In the course of yesterday’s reading, I felt compelled to take an active step, not only to save one such book, but also to get out the word about a hidden gem that is even now still overlooked.

I’ve listened to people’s appeals for books in the past, have tried them out on recommendations, and have often found myself overjoyed at having done so. (Avengers Academy, courtesy of cafeterialoca and others, Uncanny X-Force and X-Factor courtesy of the use formerly known as Dark Huntress and others, btw.) So below, I’ll try a couple of different tactics to convince you to read this book. If you are someone who already reads this book and finds it as stellar as I do, what I ask is that you help its chances by keeping this appeal afloat… adding your own support and sharing the excitement of such a title.

Critical Acclaim: Clearly this book has a lot of critical support. History has indicated that this is not at all correlated to the title’s success, in comics, television or film. But nevertheless, I wanted to share a few statistics, to show how overwhelmingly positive the response has been from those who read it. I, Vampire is one of the only titles of the New 52 that has received Five Stars on every issue where it has been reviewed, here at ComicVine. The only other that comes to mind at this point is Batman. Average community ratings on these issues go from 4 stars up to 4.8 stars. IGN’s average rating for the book is an astounding 8.9 on a scale out of 10. The average. Twice, it has scored near perfect 9.5 ratings, and twice more it has been marked at 9.0, a rating they note as “Amazing.” Clearly these readers have found something rather spectacular about these books worth considering.

Sales: The sales figures for this book are, at first glance, not inspiring. Thus, the rationale for this appeal. But look again. Since the sales of the first issue, relative to other titles I, Vampire has actually bumped up its ranking among New 52 titles. It has, in fact, jumped up a total of 5 spots. In terms of the numbers of total readers lost, the book is actually the 11 best performing book, and it has retained the same percentage of its original readers as Action Comics and The Flash. That ain’t too shabby folks. Especially compared to other low charters, a lot more people are sticking to this book, and there is a reason why. DC has historically also breathed an extra life or two into books like this, whose sales are relatively low, but far exceed the expectations set for them… Manhunter, Blue Beetle, R.E.B.E.L.S. and Jonah Hex all stuck around in part because they hit a level and maintained it, just as I, Vampire is starting to its potential to do.

Jumping On: If you’re worried that you won’t be able to jump on, don’t. There are many different options for you. First, many stores still have issues of the first arc available. If they don’t, the collection of the first volume is coming shortly. You can pre-order it now on Amazon for 45% off. Secondly, the recent crossover the book had with Justice League Dark was a pretty stellar entry point. If you want to trial run a section of the story, this arc taking place from issues #7 to #8 of both titles is a good starting point. Issue #9 is also the start of a new direction, providing an excellent jumping on point for new readers.

Why Try It?: The writing. The art. The story. The whole shebang. It is, seriously, one of the top books in my stack each 4 week of the month… which, given the size of my pile, is saying something. It is a story within the shared DC Universe, without being ‘just another super’ book, one that adds its own twist to the mythos of the Vampire and ranges from an epic legend-style story to an intimate and intense tale of the journey of two not-quite people. And in the words of Reading Rainbow’s Levar Burton and children everywhere, “but you don’t have to take my word for it…”

So if you’ve read it, and recommend it, say so. If you check it out, and enjoy it, say so. Let’s get out the word.

I, Vampire Recommended By: TheOptimist

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Posted by knighthood

Sold! I'll check this series out. In fact, I just downloaded the #1 issue and it looks really good.

Posted by Adnan

It's worth mentioning that DC reduced the digital prices of the earlier New 52 issues. #1s cost $0.99, and #1-7s cost $1.99. I managed to catch up to a number of titles I previously dropped because of this, very handy.
I don't like how Mary suddenly sounds like a teenager the past couple issues, but other than that the story is pretty solid. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Posted by HotSauceCommittee

Just seen the sales numbers...ugh

Posted by TheAnnihilator

Sorry guys, I'm really not into vampires.

I feel for you though.

Posted by Sharkey

It's a fantastic series, I too was never one for vampires beforehand but now I can't wait to get my hands on each next issue! :)

Posted by Lvenger

I've just had a look at the sales numbers for this title. They're not looking good for you I, Vampire fans and DC's New 52 market strategy involves cancelling the titles that are not selling well, replacing the cancelled series with new titles, thus keeping the number of ongoings at 52. I feel for you guys but unfortunately I'm not into that series. I'm still smarting from Twilight and this latest vampire craze.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I fully endorse this cause, I been loving the book since day 1! AND FOR ALL THOSE SUFFERING FROM VAMPIRE FATUGE OR JUST DONT LIKE THEM: honesty dont let that be a deciding factor the qualty of the art and the writing make this a must have and really if they swaped the vampires for another minority it would be just as good! I' VAMPIRE RECOMENDED BY JONNY_ANON (formerly Spiderbat87)

Posted by ReVamp

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

I' VAMPIRE RECOMENDED BY ReVamp (formerly TheF*ckingReVamp)
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

needs more comments

Posted by jsphsmth


Posted by lazerblades

Would love to see this title persist. More importantly I would love to see more writing from Joshua Hale Fialkov and art from Andrea Sorrentino regardless of the vehicle they choose to put their work out through.

Posted by Mapacherise22

I love this series, I was actually turned on by issue 9's cover and now am hunting issues of this series. I really hope this series survives, i'll try to spread the word for this series.

Posted by doordoor123

This actually did really well in trade.

Posted by TheOptimist

Well, it sure is nice to see that there are some other fans out there... sure the sales figures haven't blown up... but on the other hand, it could've been cancelled 5 months ago and still kept on rolling *wink*. It did pretty well in trade at shops, selling caround the Stormwatch/Demon Knights level... anecdotally it was a hit success in bookstores... so that could bode well for it. I still believe very strongly in this title, hope that Fialkov does even more DC work and that if it does happen to end, its with a nice enough heads up that the wrap-up can be delivered cleanly...