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havent started reading it because i hate reading an issue and then having to wait the next month for a new issue. so i just pile it up and then start reading it. looks good. can't wait to get started. :D

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i think they might be able to pull it off. but i have a feeling theyre going to concentrate so much on the character that they're not gonna make the gameplay equally as good. i DO hope it comes out good though. maybe if they gave it a DMC type gameplay that would work. can't really see it being anything else.

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@sunhawk said:

blake becomes nightwing. he faces cobblepot.trains with bruce and selina in europe. movie introduces batman inc type ideas with batman themed vigilanties popping up around the world on their own. lucious fox give nightwing a pair of high tech kali sticks to help him in combat.

this. though i can't take Levitt seriously to be a superhero. i've seen him in too many movies from when he was younger.. like "10 things i hate about you" and others. so i still see him as that kid. although he grew to become a good actor..

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what people don't understand was that he was suppose to represent the first 3 robins, but most people think he represents Tim Drake the most which i kind of agree with. they MADE his LEGAL name Robin.. he's not suppose to become robin.

at first i thought he would become Nightwing.. but then I put it together and he's just suppose to become Batman. with that being said... i don't really think theyre going to continue it from there. that's the ending. John Blake becomes Batman but that's it. Nothing to it. It's all imagination from that point. They're not gonna continue it from there. it was an ending to know that Batman lives on even if it isn't Bruce Wayne :D

eventually they'll reboot batman years from now. maybe sooner than you think. but highly doubt it will be Levitt. it's gonna be a different director, and it's gonna be a different universe.

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i can't choose. they were all amazing.

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Batman and the Lost Utility Belt

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i would probably write Hush the best because his and batman's connection with each other. I guess Hush would be my favorite to write about as well

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same. although i did watch the Burton '89 Batman, i think the Animated Series is what got me hooked to the character

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well i was wanted to see where the Bruce Wayne stories fit together first and then i was going to add the Dick and Damien (B&R) books. and stuff like Battle For The Cowl. would the Dick and Damien B&R fit somewhere after Batman RIP? i haven't gotten that far in the batman books which is why im asking lol

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sorry for the long list ahead. i came upon this list and was wondering if this was the Batman timeline in order through TPB's? there might be some missing if i'm not mistaken, but is this list fine? thanks in advance :D

  1. Batman Year One
  2. Batman Shaman
  3. Batman and the monster men
  4. Batman and the mad monk
  5. Batman Prey
  6. Batman Dark Legends
  7. Batman the man who laughs
  8. Batman Dead to Rights
  9. Batman Gothic
  10. Batman venom
  11. Batman Four of a kind
  12. Batman Collected Legends of the Dark Knight
  13. Batman Other Realms
  14. Batman Snow
  15. Batman the Long Halloween
  16. Batman Dark Victory
  17. Batman Haunted Knight
  18. Batman Faces
  19. Batman Terror
  20. Batman Monsters*
  21. Batman Fortunate Son
  22. Batman Night cries
  23. Batman the Cat and the Bat
  24. Batman King Tut's Tome
  25. Batman the bat and the beast*
  26. Batman Tales of the Demon
  27. Batman Strange Apparitions
  28. Batman Dark Detective
  29. Batman the Wrath
  30. Batman: Unseen
  31. Batman Ten Nights of the Beast
  32. Batman Vs The Undead
  33. Batman the Cult
  34. Batman The Killing Joke
  35. Batman A Death in the Family
  36. Batman A Lonely Place of Dying
  37. Batman Blind Justice
  38. Batman The Sword of Azrael
  39. Batman Knightfall Part 1: the Broken Bat
  40. Batman Knightfall Part 2:Who Rules the Night
  41. Batman Knightfall Part 3: Knightsend
  42. Batman Prodigal
  43. Batman Anarky*
  44. Batman the Chalice
  45. Batman Contagion
  46. Batman Legacy
  47. Batman Cataclysm
  48. Batman No Mans Land VOL 1-5
  49. Batman Evolution
  50. Batman officer down
  51. Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer?
  52. Batman Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol 1-3
  53. Batman Hush
  54. Batman Death and Maidens
  55. Batman Broken City
  56. Batman As The Crows Flies
  57. Batman War Drums
  58. Batman War Games Act 1-3
  59. Batman Hush Returns
  60. Batman City of Crime
  61. Batman Under The Red Hood
  62. Batman War Crimes
  63. Batman Face the Face
  64. Batman Detective
  65. Batman Death and the City
  66. Batman Cacophony*
  67. Batman Widening gyre vol 1.*
  68. Batman Gotham Underground
  69. Batman and Son
  70. Batman The Resurrection of Ras Al Ghul
  71. Batman The Black Glove
  72. Batman Private Casebook
  73. Batman Heart of Hush
  74. Batman R.I.P.
  75. Batman Time and the bat
  76. Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne
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