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If that's the sole criterion, everyone is one step away from being Dexter.

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Phantom Zome dump is the key to victory, I honestly think a full year of prep is an easy win for Batman. A pissed off Thor is overrated, take ONE look at Warrior Madness Thor and he is dreadful, mindless, brutish and exploitable, he has no sense to him - whereas if you contrast it to a solid, morals off Batman, we can gauge he'll be willing to use more lethal tactics, and luring Thor of all people to the location to which this plan takes this place, is doable.

Thor can teleport. BFR wont work.

How people can overlook this simple fact is beyond me..


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Now I think about it, this battle may be a mismatch. Too easy for Batman to achieve a victory in this scenario due to Thor's rage.

Despite what all the butthurt haters deny, I will still say that it's fairer for Batman to face beings that are above herald levels - a better challenge.

That second part just utterly proves how you block out every contrary opinion,which is why you will continue to be banned.

And to label them as "butthurt haters" is no more accurate than calling everyone that votes for Batman in a fight to be a zealous fanboy full of hot air that ignores every opinion on the grounds that they are contrary.

And no,he cannot fight those that are above herald levels....nice try. What's next? Arguing that he can beat Living Tribunal?

I admit that I am not exactly a Thor expert, but can he really just instantaneously teleport himself wherever? Even out of another dimension like the Phantom Zone?

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Can't Batman just win via BFR?

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Fcking hell, I am so excited for this!

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Team 1 due to the great synergy between Deadshot and Wolverine. Deadshot should keep team 2 at bay and potentially eliminate them and if Slade or Cap closes in Wolverine should be able to handle it.

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This news just reminds me of how much I miss Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. I thought he did a perfect job.

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@theocitylegend: its fictional dude. Will making batman realistic affect u in any way? U don't like the thought of Batman being realistic? That makes so angry huh? Just the thought of a superhero being relatable in any way makes u mad. Lol grow a pair dude

That comment is almost illegible and does not have anything to do with what I said. I'm not sure if you are a troll or just stupid.

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@darryl said:

@theocitylegend: because batman wasn't created to be super powered u idiot

The amount of stupidity in this comment is overwhelming.

1. Your first sin was to respond to a comment I made over a year ago.

2. Your second sin was to call me an "idiot" when I had literally no trace of aggression or bad manner in my post.

3. You are too slow to comprehend what I was even saying in the first place so I will try and spell it out for you. Comics are not realistic. If they were, sun gods and men that can run close to the speed of light would not exist. In non-realistic universes where there are super-powered characters like this people cannot be expected to have the same realistic limits they have in the real world.

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The amount of badassness that these two characters carry combines and destroys the world.

The amount of badass between these two combatants is ridiculous. It's off the charts how awesome these guys are.