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Oh comeon this isn't right. The Bat FAMILY??? Are you kidding? Why do you need the family? BATMANZ FKKEN WINZZZZZOORRLOLOL

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Personally I never really like the idea of a K ring. It's a writers easy way out of things. In that regard I applaud Morrison on what he implied through AC that Kryptonite is dangerous to everyone not just Krypotonians. Meaning the radiation would effect humans much more than what it did in the pre-52 continuity.

I think if Supes were to go rouge, it should be dealt with whatever the situation calls for. Having said that I don't see nor want any use of a K-ring to keep Supes on a leash.

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I think the OP raises valuable points, that the established changes and the core voice of the character as written by Morrison and Lobdell is fine and "needs" to stay as such. However, I do believe that Snyder will not do anything as such to change things drastically. I'm optimistic about Snyder as much as a cynic I am. I think the kind of restrain he is talking about is of a whole new level. For eg: I read in his tweet how Supes will be really pissed off and almost losing it. Something Superman doesn't usually have to worry about is restrain - because he is so confidant that he has it in abundance. That's where Snyder and Lee comes in.

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@DarkWingDuck88 said:

Superman is NOTHING but farmboy-cum-reporter, who happens to be invunerable.

Go back under the rock you crawled up from batfanboy. New 52 Supes is no boyscout farmboy. Neither was Golden Age/SA. I would argue more but clearly you don't sound older than 13 which makes me think that my reasoning would go over your head. So yeah, you are absolutely hilarious though I'll give you that.

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@x_29 said:

Still not looking forward to it. CW + WW still sounds like a disaster

Quoted for truth.

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Still sounds terrible for a show. But it could be just me being cynical.

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Sounds like a terrible plan. Quite frankly, I would completely skip the Wonder Woman series, put it on hold/cancel due to the advent of a possible WW film. And we know JL is in the works. I wasn't the biggest fan of CW's take on Superman in Smallville. I'm not to enthusiastic about CW's WW.

I say: NO.

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Great interview Tony. I think Max Landis is cool. I thought his Death of Superman was hilarious. And I'm a huge Superman fan, just as he is I'm sure. No need to call him a hater or douche. I don't really see how cussing bothers so much on the internet. And he seems to be very passionate about comics. He was just very casual about the interview and conversed like he was among friends. No need to nitpick on it. I'm looking forward to what he does in Action Comcis Annual.

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@drgnx said:

I think this is a good feat to start. Now he needs to tank a planet busting nuke while eating nachos, then say, "you just ruined my lunch"....

Please make this happen DC!!!

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This is brilliant. Lobdell continues to impress. And Rocafort... holy hell... Supes is back on top of the game - where he belongs. Absolutely stoked! Lobdell&Rocafort are a great team, hoping they continue to deliver. I want K.Rocafort forever on Supes though.

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