Spider-Girl....Could it be the start?

As comic geeks we seen the our favorite heroes rise from comics to the silver screen. But I;m still waiting for the heroes without a Y-chromosome to get a solo movie again. Let's faces it guys Catwoman and Elektra was bad. There's talk of a Black Widow movie and I would be all for that. However, I feel it's about the writer,director etc. But also they need to care about the character (Josh Wheaton is a good example). I also feel those who non-comic readers need to feel a familiar with a character. Which brings me to the above images could a Spider-Girl movie get over on the non-comic readers. First I love the characters the daughter of Peter & Mary Jane Parker from an alternate universe and there's the 616 Spider- Girl,Anya Corazon this two ladies in my opinion could work people would see them and say "So there like Spider-Man but female". This could be something huh? It's just my opinion I still would love a Spider-Girl movie either May or Anya but I think more people would want May. So what you think guys, let's hear your input. Till next time

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I would love to see May get her own movie, but I think she would need to get her own comic again before she got her own movie

Posted by Strider92

Unfortunately although I did like the Spider-Girl series (May Parker) it would suffer from the same problem a Batman Beyond movie would have and thats the fact that they are both heavily based on the mythos of the previous bearer of suit (Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne). If you don't know anything about Spider-man or there hasn't been enough prior movies to explain who people like Normie Osborn and the other supporting cast are then its going to flop. Anya is a possibility as she has almost no connection to Spider-man (aside from the whole Grim Hunt arc).

I think however characters like Ms. Marvel, Witchblade etc.... who have their own established origins would be a much better way to go.

Posted by Shadowsnake89

I'd go to see a May (Spider-girl) movie. I honestly don't think it would be that hard. Disney is backing them now and they are working on several lesser known characters to get movies. I think if they can get a Big Hero 6 movie produced they can certainly get a character that is closely related to Spider-Man a movie.

Posted by iaconpoint

Not a movie, but a tv series on say, AMC or a network willing to take a few chances. It could work!

Posted by Moonchilde

I could see there being a Spider-Girl movie. In roughly 20 years, after the current Amazing Spider-Man film franchise ends, and they decide on going with a more creative route of continuing it on. That would be pretty cool.

If they just did a Spider-Girl movie right now though, I think most people would be confused, and it would end up flopping, even if it was really good.

Posted by JonSmith

Won't happen. Sony owns the Marvel Spider rights. Their only interest in the property is money. They want a guaranteed hit. As long as Spider-Man is that, regardless of how much mud they drag him through and how many times they beat him, they'll keep trotting him out for show. But Spider-Girl? Unknown property. Unknown potential. Unknown fanbase. Does not compute. Sony won't risk it.

So even if it could be interesting (I'm personally not that invested in the Spider-Girls. Or Spider-Women.) it'll never happen.

Posted by EdBlank

Female Spiderman is female Spiderman. I personally am fine with only one character who has the Spiderman power set. I would much rather see something we haven't seen before (a hero with a different power set). I am all for female characters being in the spotlight (I am currently writing an epic in which at least half of the super powers are female as opposed to the current state where you'll have 6 men and one woman on a team) but above all I argue for NOT copying something else.