He's the Star-Lord!!!

Hey fellow Guardians of the Galaxy fans Chris Pratt is gonna be Star Lord. After hearing all the rumors of who is gonna play the leader of the Guardians we finally got it. Now if your not familiar with Mr.Pratt he's got a pretty good resume.He's best known for his roles as Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott in the television series Everwood,Andy Dwyer in the television series Parks and Recreation most recently he was in Zero Dark Thirty and Movie 43. Once again Marvel goes with a surprise choice. And to me I'm happy with their choice. Now lets see who is cast as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy,Gamora and of course Drax the Destroyer.


Who's Birth?

So it would seem writer Jason Aaron (Thor God of Thunder,Wolverine and the X-Men) and artist Simone Bianchi ( Astonishing X-Men, Wolverine) will come together in April for something. I'm a fan of Aaron work as for Mr. Bianchi let's put it like this the Italian artist he's got the skills. I wonder who's birth? Anyone got an idea?

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Static's Status Quo

As I always say,"God bless Mr.Dwayne McDuffie. Not only did contribute so much to the comic industry,but he created Virgil Hawkins aka Static. Now I been reading Static before his popular cartoon series but since his Milestone Comic days. And I loved the character you could see how much Mr.McDuffie was influenced with Spider-Man. And I continued to read him until the Milestone Universe merged with the DC Universe (Pre 52). Virgil would join the Teen Titans and I loved him on the team it fit him very well. He was a teenaged superhero amongst his own makes perfect sense,right? However the once DC decided to reboot their entire universe Static once again got his own series. Sadly the high voltage hero only lasted 8 issues but I stood by him. The last time we would see Virgil was in the pages of Teen Titans helping Kid Flash,more importantly he created Kid Flash's costume. My point is I hate to a character like Static thrown back into the comic book void. DC should keep the spotlight on him I 'd like another ongoing with good writer someone like Gail Simone,but fat chance right guys? I say put on the Teen Titans he deserves it. Or will he be apart of the Raven's future that DC has coming? All in all Static's status quo sucks. What do think my fellow comic lovers?


Spider-Girl....Could it be the start?

As comic geeks we seen the our favorite heroes rise from comics to the silver screen. But I;m still waiting for the heroes without a Y-chromosome to get a solo movie again. Let's faces it guys Catwoman and Elektra was bad. There's talk of a Black Widow movie and I would be all for that. However, I feel it's about the writer,director etc. But also they need to care about the character (Josh Wheaton is a good example). I also feel those who non-comic readers need to feel a familiar with a character. Which brings me to the above images could a Spider-Girl movie get over on the non-comic readers. First I love the characters the daughter of Peter & Mary Jane Parker from an alternate universe and there's the 616 Spider- Girl,Anya Corazon this two ladies in my opinion could work people would see them and say "So there like Spider-Man but female". This could be something huh? It's just my opinion I still would love a Spider-Girl movie either May or Anya but I think more people would want May. So what you think guys, let's hear your input. Till next time

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