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@Kratesis: Hehe, they sure did move pretty fast.

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I was gonna run into the feats thread and talk about killing a mud monster in the invasion but after reading everyone else's posts I'm just like nah, nevermind.

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What's that over there? *Runs away*

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Sat down and caught a whiff of my own crotch. Smelt like weed. I don't even smoke weed.

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I forgot I still haven't gotten past the post thing.

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@Mercy_ said:

@_Sojourn_: I'm confused as to what you mean by that.

He's not listening to you. Get Heeem =]

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@deathbymanga said:


OOC: alright, so i guess what i'm going to do is just keep brawling with these claymen, as

my guy doesn't care about helping innocent bystanders.

OOC: Haha. That's awesome.

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The caterwauling of abominable mud creatures is followed by the shrieks of frightened citizens and the roar of gunfire. The cacophony of chaos seems to continue in perpetuity, making its way across brick structures, crashing against walls, pouring into doorways and windows, rushing into the corridors of empty alleys, and building momentum until there is nowhere left to go but up.

Appearing over the city is a shrouded monkey man, carried by a cloud. He is awakened from his peaceful slumber and prompted into alertness after hearing the hullabaloo coming from below. Crawling to the edge of his cloud, he peers down What's this? The mud creatures ravage the urban residential area, consuming whatever lay before them. Earth demons. Odious creatures. Springing to his feet he gives himself a stretch and directs the cloud to descend as one of the mud creatures rips a young boy from the arms of his mother. "Aiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My baby!!!"

The shrouded monkey launches an energy disk at the mud man from his cloud, severing its arm, then swoops in and catches the child. "Bwawrrrrrgggghhhh" Odious, and stupid. The monkey hands the child over to his mother, keeping his face down, then lunges at the mud monster with a heat charged staff pointed directly at its chest. The staff goes through like a hot knife through butter but has no apparent effect, at first. "Grrraaawwwwrrrgh" The monster shifts an arm into the shape of a boulder and swings at the monkey man who simply runs up the creature's front side, releasing his grip on the calescent staff before kicking off of its face into a back flip. Wait for it ... A brief moment of silence as he lands on his feet, then, BOOOOM. The mud man is reduced to a pile of crusty chunks of earth.

The shrouded monkey surveys his vicinity, taking a head count of all the mud men and citizens ... Twenty earth demons, Twelve humans ... then reaches behind the cloth wrapped over his face and plucks five strands of hair This should be enough. He blows them out in front of himself and waits as they morph into monkey men Punish the demons and save the humans. The monkey men nod and proceed to carry out his will as he summons the cloud once more. He will continue onward and investigate.

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If you wish to keep your eyes stop looking at me.

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I also needa get past the flood protection on noobs with X amount of posts first.

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