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Known Powers

Senses: Heightened senses aid him in scavenging. Useful for fights as well.

Size Manipulation: Can increase or decrease his size, enabling him to be as tall as a mountain or as small as an average sized thumb. He can extend the length and girth of his staff as well.

Strength: 13 times the amount of the men who compete in strongman competitions. This enables him to perform advanced physical feats and increases as he increases in size.

Durability: At base the monkey prince handles most normal blows with relative ease. With concentration he can increase his durability, allowing him to tank heavy blunt force hits, but while in a hardened state his body can still be cut or burned.

Agility: Equal to 2 times the amount of a peak human, enabling him to perform advanced acrobatics. Increases with adrenaline and concentration.

Dexterity: Strikes accurately with either hand, or leg.

Speed: Basic running speed reaches 45 mph. Can increase with concentration but can be quite taxing if he isn't conservative and moving in short bursts.

Flight: The monkey prince can summon a cloud to travel in the air.

Energy Combat: The monkey can launch explosive balls, devastating waves, sharp disks and hot beams consisting of energy at his opponent.

Animal Comprehension: The monkey prince can speak with animals or relate to their emotions.

Doubles: The monkey prince can create doubles of himself simply by plucking strands of hair off of himself. Each double retains all of his abilities. Only by fatal blows can his doubles be defeated.


  • Staffs
  • Bows
  • Rock rosary beads


Sometimes wears protective armor and chain mail to resist slashing attacks but prefers not to.