Superman and Batman versus Miniseries

There are two mini-series called Superman and Batman vs Vampires and Werewolves and Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predators. I think there should be a Superman and Batman vs Captain America and Iron Man. It could work so well once you get them in a setting where they have to battle. In issue #1, you can have Superman vs Captain America and Batman vs Iron Man. Then have them switch opponents in issue #2. It would get a lot of attention from fans since they all love Marvel/DC team-ups or battles.

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Posted by Roy_Harper_Jr

??Iron Man vs Superman?? How about Superman fighting someone that can last more then 2 seconds against him

Posted by TheMess1428
You know that if they acquire a piece of Kryptonite, of course they can take on Superman. Superman already holds back anyways so we know its not exactly overkill.