Superior Spider-Man is Ben Reilly! DC Nation on Hiatus!

Messed Up! #10 - This week, I talk about DC Nation getting pulled from the air without warning this past Saturday and the Superior Spider-Man news from New York Comic-Con!

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Interesting theory. I like it! The problem is Peter already went through this back in the 90's and he got over being the clone so going through it again would be repeating history and Slott had said what he's doing hasn't been done before. Not to mention the other Spider-man (Ben) didn't die in their confrontation. the Jackal went in and pulled Ben Reilly out of the chimney that Peter dumped the body in and replaced it with a previously failed dead clone. We saw Ben disintegrate so we know he was the clone thus Peter must be the original unless both Ben and Peter are clones but that is very unlikely and leaves a LOT of plot holes.

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@Strider92: I think it has to be Jackal related...

Posted by Strider92

@TheMess1428: I think you're probably right. It seems odd he's included the Jackal so much in his stories.

Posted by PunyParker

No Pete...oh God,i cant get used to it....***holes

Posted by personz

I believe there was a great article on Comic Vine that had a theory on how Ben Reilly could be alive.

Personally I hope its not Ben. Sure I like Ben as a character but I feel that if they were to bring him back now that would just cause a huge mess.

Posted by Teerack

Ben was confirmed as the clone.... If Ben wasn't the clone then he wouldn't have melted when he died. /derp