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Besides Evil Dead, NOTLD and Braindead which should have been #1,#2 and #3, looks like that top 10 is mainly based on the past decades movies. There's a ton of epic zombie flicks that are not included. I guess they did that in Zack Snyder's favor but really, Dawn of The Dead remake instead of the original? Ah..

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

What does this have to do with Deadpool?

Posted by TheMess1428
@Abnormally Warm Guy: Did you watch it? They mention the Deadpool movie.
Posted by danhimself

10.  Resident Evil...such a horrible zombie movie
9. Planet Terror...I don't consider this a zombie movie at all
8. Shaun of the Dead...I'm writing this as I watch the video but I have a feeling that this should be much higher on the list
7. Rec...the original of Quarantine....I watched Quarantine and it was horrible
6. Evil Dead...while an amazing movie I don't consider this a zombie movie
5. 28 Days Later....rage virus = not a zombie movie
4. Dead Alive...never heard of it
3. Zombieland....pretty good movie actually...number 3?  out of the movies already listed then possibly
2. Dawn of the Dead...while not as good as the original so far it's the best of the list
1. Night of the Living Dead...honestly the best zombie movie of all time...I honestly believe that if the movie isn't done by Romero then it's going to be terrible
so basically their list sucks and I really don't like the chick that did the video

Posted by Bald Eagle

Dawn of the Dead not as good as the original? Are you kidding me?! The remake was alot better. And has anyone heard of the movie Dead Snow? That is a good zombie movie.