Batman teams up with Deadpool and Hellboy?!

Imagine a brand new universe on top of the DC and Marvel multiverses. This one stands apart from their multiverses and is believed to be the only universe by the people who exist in it. In this universe, DC and Marvel characters have always existed in the same universe and all know each other. There are teams like JLA, Avengers, Teen Titans, and X-Men. The only big difference is that all of Marvel's teen heroes join the Teen Titans rather than Young Avengers or anything else Marvel created. Also, there is less hatred towards mutants because of Superman befriending some mutants but there is still reasons for the existence of the X-Men team. And in this world, team-ups between DC and Marvel characters are on a everyday basis. Batman and Daredevil are actually friends. Lex Luthor is actually a leading member of the Masters of Evil. 
But what they don't know is that there is one other universe out there. The Dark Horse Universe is their Earth-2. 
In this story, two mysterious villains from "Earth-1" go to the Dark Horse Universe and kidnap Abe Sapien, bringing him back to their universe. Hellboy discovers what happened and the B.P.R.D. send him to "Earth-1" to rescue him. After realizing he can't find him alone, he accidentally crosses paths with Deadpool. He asks Deadpool if there was anyone good at solving mysteries and Deadpool suggests Batman. They go to Batman and he decides to help them. So Batman, Deadpool, and Hellboy team up to try and find out who kidnapped Abe Sapien and rescue him. 
It will have guest appearances by Superman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Cable, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Liz Sherman. (Just to name a few). 
What do you guys think of this for a mini-series or a one-shot?

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Seriously? I'd read it. I love that team-up idea, and with each world combined I'd like to see other cool match-ups result. It may be cliché but I'm a sucker for this sort of thing, and with each universe owned by a different publisher we don't get stories like that often. 

Posted by writewyk

I would buy it.  It's interesting , and has a lot of possibilities.  Good Luck with this.  Can I get an autographed copy?

Posted by War Killer

Sounds like a new Amalgam Universe with a few changes to me, but I'd say go with a one-shot and then maybe a mini just to go deeper into the stories.

Posted by growup

that sounds very cool

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Batman would kill Deadpool for his obnoxiousness.

Posted by TheMess1428
@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!: Too bad, Batman doesn't kill. And I'd see Hellboy kill him before Batman does.
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!
@TheMess1428: Batman would lose his morals "for the sake of humanity". :p
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!: LMAO
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Posted by Noctis

It sounds really good, I would most defiantly read this!

Posted by WookieTheJuggalo

Yo that would be and is a fresh idea!!!!!

Posted by Crom-Cruach

Batman already had a crossover with Hellboy.
In fact it was a three way crossover with Hellboy, Starman and Batman.

Posted by burningmidnight

I would love this! This sounds so awesome! :D

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

sub Spider-Man and others for Deadpool, hell I'd like to see Cyclops as a boy scout type hero team up with Hellboy and fight demons.
Great idea. lots of possibilities

Posted by jasraj
Batman and Deadpool won't get on, think of it like this, Ultimate Killing Machine teams up with Never Take A Life Guy, yeah......Deadpool will wanna use his guns.....Batman...gonna be angainst it
Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Would definately make me Lol while reading it.

Posted by TheMess1428
@Metatron_Da_Don: Spider-Man appears but those are the main three characters of the story. 
@jasraj: Of course, that's part of the story.