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Messed Up! #1 - Don't let the title of this video fool you. I have known about this for a while. Scott Lobdell wants to make it so that Tim Drake was never Robin in his entire history of crimefighting but became Red Robin right at the start.

This is the first episode of my new show, Messed Up! This is where I talk about certain topics in the comic book industry (and in the stories) that are messed up and discuss them with you!

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Deadpool Kills the DC Universe

Okay so I've been reading DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE and I am pretty much loving it. It's really interesting and I honestly can believe it to be possible. This is how I see it. Deadpool is pretty much aware that he is a fictional character and is controlled by a team of writers, artists, editors, and publishers. So how does he get his revenge of not being able to control himself? He kills all the other creations and beloved characters of the universe he is trapped in. Not only heroes, but villains too. But here is my idea. What if Deadpool knew that this wasn't the only case where this is happening? What if he knew it was everywhere. He travels to the DC Universe and decides to "set them free" of the control that he was under. He starts killing Superman, Batman, the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and so on in wicked and interesting ways that we always wondered how it could be done. And then he could go on from there. Dark Horse, IDW, Top Cow, Image, Icon, BOOM, and so on. He can go out and kill every hero from every universe just to tell all the "controllers" to leave them alone or whatever. What do you guys think? Would you want to see Deadpool up against all the other characters? My money is on the Joker killing Deadpool at the end for killing Batman. lol


Un-Flashpoint the Bat-Clan #2 - Barbara Gordon

This is the second of an eight part blog series that will explain why Flashpoint should never have happened to the Bat-Clan and it started with Dick Grayson and will follow through each character in order of appearance chronologically until we come full circle with Bruce Wayne at the end. (This was originally posted on my tumblr at but I decided to post on here too to get your opinions as well.)

Previous entry: Dick Grayson.

Barbara as Batgirl in ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #6

Our second entry is about one of the most iconic female characters in comic book history, Barbara Gordon. That is not as arguable as Dick Grayson being the greatest hero in the DC Universe. Barbara was the first official Batgirl. (Bette who?) She was basically the literal version of a “fangirl.” From what I could gather, she was pretty much just a big fan of Batman when it started out. (Much like her brother in the Dark Knight movie series.) At least that’s what my interpretation of her character in the early days.

In her original appearance in DETECTIVE COMICS #359 in 1967, Barbara decided to dress up as a “female version of Batman” for a police masquerade ball. She stumbled upon an attempt to kill Bruce Wayne by Killer Moth and felt the need to help. Turns out it was a dummy Wayne set up by Batman and Robin and she messed it all up. Refusing to quit, she eventually found Killer Moth’s hideout and rescued Batman and Robin from a gravity free chamber. Batman was impressed and told her that he would accept help from her whenever he needed it. But the Barbara we all know and love wouldn’t just wait for invitation and she’s been in the Bat-Clan ever since.


In 1988, Alan Moore gave a striking blow to every Batgirl fan out there. In BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, Joker was dead set on kidnapping Commissioner Gordon and abusing, torturing, and humiliating him any way possible. He wasn’t going to let anything or anyone get in his way. So, when he knocked on the Commissioner’s door, Barbara answers and he just shoots her through the stomach straight into her spine, paralyzing her from the waist down. The sad thing was that Batman did not actually punish Joker when he finally got a hold of him. Instead, they shared a laugh, which was quite brutal.


In SUICIDE SQUAD #23 in 1989, the enigmatic identity of Oracle first appeared. This unknown character was the source of information for the team, and later Batman and many other heroes. It wasn’t until SUICIDE SQUAD #38 in 1990, that they revealed that Oracle was actually Barbara Gordon. She eventually went on to becoming one of the most useful allies Batman has ever had. No, seriously, without her Batman would probably be only as good as Green Arrow. (lol) She ended up starting her own team of heroes under her guidance called the Birds of Prey who usually starred Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, and many others. She also mentored Cassandra Cain as the second Batgirl and taught her to speak English.

When the infamous Final Crisis came and Batman was assumed dead, Barbara was locked in an all-consuming battle with the Calculator over the Anti-Life equation being spread over the internet. She eventually succeeded and then proceeded to mentor his daughter, Wendy, when she was in a wheelchair. Wendy eventually became Proxy, Oracle’s protege.

When Dick Grayson was running around as Batman, Barbara was not only running the Birds of Prey, but also mentoring Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. Later, in the storyarc titled “The Death of Oracle,” the Calculator and his new friend Mortis try to get revenge on Oracle for all of the times she took down the Calculator. He shoots down a helicopter during a Birds of Prey rescue mission and assumes that Oracle was inside it. She led everyone, except for some very close friends, to believe that she actually died. Her last comment being “Big sister is watching everyone.”

Mortis with Oracle's mask

After Flashpoint, she was seen getting back the use of her legs and returned to being Batgirl. In this new world, she was only paralyzed for 3 years and was never Oracle. Also, without any way of arguing it, proved that both Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown have never been Batgirl in this timeline. Barbara is struggling with her confidence to return to being a superhero while Cassandra and Stephanie are nowhere to be found. She is also a member of the Birds of Prey as Batgirl with Black Canary as the leader. Her teammates include Starling, Poison Ivy, and Katana. Also, in this universe, she has obviously never fallen in love because the relationship with Dick Grayson was erased and Ted Kord never existed in this universe to begin with. As far as I’m concerned, that is a very sad development.

Barbara as the New 52 Batgirl

Instead of changing everything, Barbara should have stayed as Oracle, allowing all the developments between Cassandra and Stephanie to stick. I like that everyone believed she was dead and that would have proved worthy in her efforts to guide both the Birds and the Bat-Clan.

Solution: Don’t flashpoint the universe and make Barbara go back to being Oracle, but make her even stronger than before. One of the best things about her was that she was a good role model for every young boy or girl who was in a wheelchair that felt useless. Her being able to walk again and the readers can’t felt like some kind of insult to those readers, to me.

Next entry: Jason Todd.


Un-Flashpoint the Bat-Clan #1 - Dick Grayson

This is the first of an eight part blog series that will explain why Flashpoint should never have happened to the Bat-Clan and it will start with Dick Grayson and follow through each character in order of appearance chronologically until we come full circle with Bruce Wayne at the end. (This was originally posted on my tumblr at but I decided to post on here too to get your opinions as well.)

Our first entry is about, arguably, the best hero ever in DC Comics, Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson was the first sidekick ever. He was the first Robin and created a legacy. He created the Teen Titans and led the team for years. He had his own team of Outsiders. He led the freakin’ Justice League of America, TWICE.

We’ve seen him go from Robin, the little kid that distracted the villains while Batman knocked them out, to being Robin, the serious teen who didn’t like being called a sidekick and told Batman to shutup, to being Nightwing, the hotshot aerialist who stole all the redheads’ hearts, to being the Batman that made Gordon say “I don’t know which one you are but…”, to being Nightwing again and taking down his own mobs, to being the Batman that smiles.

Dick Grayson might just be the one character that has changed codenames so often that wiki sites only list him by his real name now. He has had some of the most growth in a character we’ve ever seen and one of the only characters we actually got to see grow up. Even to the point that when Tim Drake asked him to go back to being Robin, Dick basically said “I’m a grown ass man!”

When we last seen Dick before Flashpoint, he was appointed “the Batman of Gotham City” while Bruce was out being the “International Batman.” When Darkseid made everyone believe he killed Batman with his omega beams, Dick stepped up, took down all competitors, and took on the cape and cowl, and proved Batman never dies. One of the things about being Batman is you’re pretty much in charge of a whole system of roles in Gotham City. He had to oversee many decisions. This time around, Dick became the leader of the Justice League, most likely the only time anyone actually thought Batman being the leader was a good idea. He chose to make Damian Wayne his Robin so he could keep him out of trouble. He approved of Stephanie Brown becoming Batgirl. He tried to treat Tim the same way Bruce treated him when he quit being Robin.

But sooner rather than later, Bruce Wayne returned. Everyone expected him to be like “Hey Dick, take that off,” but instead the first thing he says is “Is that Damian in a Robin costume?”

I at least thought he would compliment Dick on his cool Batman logo shaped utility belt. Like always, Dick makes everything about Batman cooler. We all assumed Dick was just going to go back to Nightwing and everything was going to be like before just with a slight shift. But it wasn’t. Instead things were kinda weird. There were two Batmen running around (along with two Flashes), and it got confusing.

What should have happened instead of Flashpoint changing stuff, was just to develop a storyline that made Dick decide to become Nightwing again. (Going back to Nightwing was one of the only good things to come out of the New 52.) Yes, a Nightwing title should have returned and the first storyline should have been Dick shedding the cape and gripping the escrimas. Of course you’d have to bring in a villain that required some sort of nostalgia that made him change and feel better about it. Possibly Shrike or Two-Face would have been a good fit. Or they could have re-imagined the Saiko story (which was basically Nightwing’s version of Hush) and make him show that Dick was supposed to stand out in the first place. Everything else could have happened the same way. Finding out he was supposed to be a Talon for the Court of the Owls but was rescued by Batman before it got to happen. Being challenged by Damian as to who was the best Robin ever. All that would have fit perfectly in the Pre-Flashpoint universe.

Solution: Don’t flashpoint the universe and make Dick go back to Nightwing. And keep the blue fingerstripes. And keep Kyle Higgins as writer.

Next entry: Barbara Gordon.


Multiple Earths in the New 52

So I have asked what people would think that since EARTH 2 is pretty successful so far, could DC come out with books like EARTH 3 or EARTH 11. A lot of people said no because it would get confusing. I beg to differ. With a lot of random other universes, yes it can get confusing but not these specific Earths. First of all, we already have several Earths to begin with. We have Earth-Prime where all of the New 52 exists. We have Earth One where the Superman and Batman ogns exist. We have Earth 2 the comic. And we have Earth-12 where Batman Beyond and the others are from.

New Earth/Earth-0 where the Pre-Flashpoint stories were are being revisited in the digital first comic LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT. We have the Smallville universe, even though it doesn't have an official Earth yet. We've seen the Superman of Earth-23 in ACTION COMICS #9. The world of Young Justice the animated series is being portrayed as Earth-16. How is it now all of a sudden confusing to have multiple Earths?

They aren't that similar, are they?

In Earth-Prime, we have Batman fighting crime in Gotham City against the likes of the Court of Owls and the Joker. In Earth 2, Batman died trying to save the world from Steppenwolf. In Earth 3, he's known as Owlman and he's a villain. In Earth 11, he's a woman and everyone else's gender is flipped. Those are not that similar. They're not going to be confusing. And it's not like we are asking for a line of comics from each universe, it's one title per world that explores the whole universe. These two universe have barely even been tapped into and are potentially the most interesting of all the different universes. Even technically, the BEFORE WATCHMEN line is another universe as well. AME-COMI GIRLS is another universe too.

James Robinson has stated that the reason they don't want multiple universes is because they don't multiple versions of the same character. Okay, that's a good idea. But is Owlman on Earth 3, the same character as Batman on Earth-Prime? Not even close. Is Kylie Rayner from Earth 11 the same as Kyle Rayner from Earth-Prime? I don't think so.

Who wouldn't want to see the New 52 updated version of the Crime Syndicate starring Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and evil versions of Aquaman and Cyborg? Plus the possibility of a bigger team and more appearances of lots of different characters? I would like to see that.

Who wouldn't want to see the New 52 updated gender-reversed version of the Justice League starring Superwoman, Batwoman, Wonder Man, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquawoman, and Cyborgirl? Plus the possibility of seeing the entire gender-reversed universe? I would LOVE to see that. Especially since my friend and I had a discussion about it and we figured that since when women are around each other a lot, they're menstrual cycles sync up with each other and that would make it possible that for about 4-7 days out of every month, that most of the League is out of action and sitting at home while the guy heroes are the only ones fighting crime OR they are super-PMS where they go around looking for fights with villains and beating the crap out of them for no reason. Either way, really entertaining.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see more of those universes? Do you think they could work as a series in the New 52?


Tim Drake Was Robin

If you haven't heard, Scott Lobdell is attempting to reboot Tim Drake's origin a whole year into an already pre-existing reboot. In Batman #1, Tim Drake is listed in the Bat-Computer as a former Robin. In Teen Titans #1 (written by Scott Lobdell himself), Tim Drake is seen looking at a photograph of himself as Robin with Batman. In Batman and Robin #10, Bruce, Dick, Jason, and Damian, all address Tim as a former Robin. But in the upcoming Teen Titans #0, Scott Lobdell is rebooting Tim's origin to make it that he was never a Robin but instead went straight to being Red Robin... (also he was in the olympics or something...)

If you don't want this to happen, help fight this.

If Stephanie Brown can come back, then maybe we can do something about this too.

Also, check out this video where I talk more about it.


Daredevil Reboot Ideas

So I have been reading the new Daredevil series and I started to notice what I can't believe I didn't notice before. Ben Affleck looks nothing like Matt Murdock! So I started thinking of actors who could pull off playing Matt Murdock with his looks, physique, and attitude and I thought maybe Ryan Gosling with dyed red hair. What do you guys think?


A World Without Batman - New Elseworlds Idea

I figured that I will probably get hired by DC Comics eventually since my career choice is comic book writing and I'm confident enough of my skills to say that. Who knows if it will anything major but one thing I know I definitely want to write is a Batman story that doesn't exist in the actual universe. It's an Elseworlds story, if they ever return to allowing those stories to happen.

Basically, it's an alternate version of Justice League of America: The Nail (What if Superman never came to Earth?) but instead about Batman. The concept is that Bruce Wayne never became Batman. There have been plenty of stories where Bruce's parents live and he just grows up to be a lame rich guy like the male version of Paris Hilton. In Flashpoint, instead just Bruce died and Thomas Wayne became a vicious Batman without the no kill rule and Martha Wayne became the Joker. Instead, in this story, Joe Chill kills Bruce and his parents together. Nobody to get angry, nobody to get revenge. Alfred just decides to mourn their deaths and go back to England.

The idea is to show how the Justice League forms without their powerless human member to keep them grounded and how Gotham City operates without Batman fighting evil. I want to show how some of the Batman villains don't exist because Batman never accidentally created them. Also the lives of the Robins and Batgirls without Batman to guide them. I do want to create a random new hero that is just some new guy who hates crime.

Here is where I decided to let you guys in on the development of the comic. I pretty much want to write the story itself by myself but I want to see what you guys have in mind for suggestions on developments of certain characters like Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and others.

What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas?

Current characters with set developments: Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Joe Chill, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, Cassandra Cain, Ra's al Ghul, Thomas Elliot, Selina Kyle, Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Aquaman, Tempest, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Mia Dearden, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Ted Kord, and Plastic Man.

Characters who will not exist in this universe: Joker, Damian Wayne and Jaime Reyes.

Characters who do not have set developments: Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Talia al Ghul, and Helena Bertinelli.

Jessie S. Galindo aka "Mr. Messy Face" is an amateur/semi-professional comic book writer and all-around lover of the comic book genre. Follow him on Twitter: @MrMessyFace


The Legion of Super-Heroes Predicted Flashpoint!

Okay so I am a huge Teen Titans fan, so to prepare myself for the big Culling crossover, I decided to go back as far as relevancy can go with the Legion of Super-Heroes so that I can get a good feel for the characters that will appear in this crossover. (Reboot or no reboot). Now since I've been getting my Legionnaire on, I've noticed a little easter egg in Legion of Super-Heroes #1 in the 2010 reboot. That's at least one year before the event happened. Here are the panels with the mention of Flashpoint. 

This is in the newly relocated Time Institute when the xenophobia has spread so wide on Earth that they insisted it relocated to another planet. The Legion had it relocated on Titan, home of Saturn Girl. In the new Time Institute, they can now witness all of time on their giant computer screen rather than travel around in their Time Bubbles. As you can see, Usalus wants to explore the event of Flashpoint.

And in this panel, they mention Flashpoint again and also that it happened in 2011. They don't know how it began (which we do), but how it ended. After this, they decide to watch the beginning of the universe, much like Krona did. It ends up destroying the entire Time Institute and eventually the entire moon of Titan. Therefore, we never get to find out what they know about it. I wonder if it reflects in the New 52 version of the series.


DC Comics' Fifth Wave of The New 52 [UPDATE]








Fifth Wave: THE GREEN TEAM, THE MOVEMENT, and 6 unnamed titles yet to be announced.

Updated: Saturday, February 9, 2013.