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They better have a good reason for what Sinister is doing with the Dreaming Celestial, considering that Archangel kinda deactivated it in Uncanny X-Force.

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The Sonic the Hedgehog comics were my first gateway into comics, I remember my first issue was 42 with Sonic and Knuckles fighting on the first few pages. I know that if I ever have children I will collect the digests they have put out of the series because I feel it's a good read for young readers. I don't read it know not because I don't think it's good, but because I've gotten older and matured and the series hasn't. And rightfully so, I don't want an adult series about Sonic the Hedgehog (okay, maybe I would check it out), I want a series I could really give to my six year old cousin and not feel like there is something to worry about.

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Is this what all that Psyche Ward stuff has been about over the last year?

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The reason I think people had some much ire for the identity of Rulk and why 2 years was too long was that he was in every issue of Hulk from the beginning, readers were constantly being reminded that they didn't have answers. With Hobgoblin, he was a villain who was appearing in Amazing Spider-Man, but not every issue. And who Hobgoblin is doesn't really matter, it's like caring about which Green Goblin or Green Lantern you're dealing with, the man behind the mask isn't as important as the mask. Why, then, does it matter with Rulk? Because the role can not shift, the man inside will always be the man inside. And the longer you hide the identity the longer you risk creating inconsistent clues. Plus, don't pretend like Loeb wasn't selling Hulk on the mystery, I don't even think the writers agreed on who Hobs was in the beginning. 
And on the topic of Wolverine, Marvel didn't want to reveal the backstory of Logan because the constant fear was that it was going to ruin the character and it wasn't until Joe Q started pushing buttons that the writers realized that telling Wolverine's backstory was only being held back by the fact that no one had yet to make it a good story yet. The same is true with Winter Solider, they thought it would ruin Captain America until they realized it might actually improve the character.

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It seems rather short, I mean Heroic Age starting and Hope Returning are fairly far apart in the spacing. Not to mention Five Lights. The rate it's going we've got 2011 mapped out if even.

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Out of all of them I wouldn't mind looking at Teresa Palmer on screen for two hours. The others don't do it for me.

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The 2 Classic 4-Part Deadpool mini-series were really good, I believe they're in the Deadpool Classic trades like InnerVenom pointed out. I'd have to say that the first 18 or so Way issues were really good, I can't say I've been feeling them lately.

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@Icarusflies: See you've got me totally outclassed. I don't even know where to begin.
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@Sexy Merc said:

" I've heard of all of them. "

Are you saying you're a non-comic fan?  
Because the intent of the blog wasn't to show off characters people on the site may have never heard of, but more as a starting point to talk about characters people might think are underrated or that you're a fan of that most people who are outside of the community may have never heard of.  
I'm also just using ComicVine to host the blog while I post it on Twitter and Facebook. 
p.s. I'm also kinda of skimming the surface seeing as I'm a big fan of a lot of supporting characters and I'm not a huge fan of characters like the ones in actual "underground" comics.
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I'm getting really excited for this film. I hope it's better then some of the early reviews say, I have a lot of people I've been hyping this up to.