The Best Comic Based Movies of All Time

Will add more in the future.

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Posted by TommytheHitman

Good list. I agree with some of them and disagree with some of the other ones. I'm just happy Man of Steel was on here.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

@tommythehitman: Yeah, though it's not my favorite it's still a well directed and interesting movie.

Posted by RIKR2

nice list! the only one i dont think deserve to be here is IM 3

Posted by Betatesthighlander1

No Howard The Duck?

Posted by TheManInTheShoe
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YAY! I loved the Avengers most as well.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe
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My favorites are V for Vendetta and Watchmen. I loooved those two because I watched them before I even read the comics

Posted by lykopis

Posted by TheManInTheShoe
Posted by TommytheHitman

Bro fist for Man of Steel! Slap in the face for Iron Man 3....

Posted by TheManInTheShoe