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@lvenger: Yes they said for me to stop saying you aren't a Thor fan that's all, while you were the one who got reprimanded by insults. Your logic is poor by thinking that any autor would think a cannon blast from a regular machine would make him exhausted.

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@lvenger: Yet I wasn't reprimanded by the mods at all while you...

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Yeah lets keep pretending that when we are exhausted we are in 100% of our capability.

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Thor vs Angela round 2 (it seems he wasn't 100% in their first encounter...)

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@lvenger: Indeed you failed to see a lot of things about this comic in particular. I told you long ago that the angels said he was weakened then I showed you that when he got blasted he wasn't bleeding and they didn't show Thor being hit even once with any weapon and still he was bleeding by his nose and mouth SO that and the fact he was fighting a lot of Angels(an army actually) made him got hit and tired thus not so strong, durable or fast.

Even by this statement saying he wasn't just tired but EXHAUSTED and not ''focused'' you still fail to see that he was weakened.

So like 4Thor said they should have given more emphasis that Thor was fighting a lot of Angels just like in this last issue where the Queen was just calling for more and more machines that got destroyed. That would leave less wrongly interpretations.

And I'm sorry about the way I behaved last time, I'll try harder not to ''judge'' you but still you shouldn't make it so hard.

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@cgoodness: I suppose you didn't read the rest of this saga because his arm healed fine after that:

See Uncanny Avenges #22 as an example

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This what happens with a regular Asgardian with Asgardian armor(similar to Thor's) when he challenges The Disir:

And this is what happens to Thor(superficial cuts like wolverine's ones):

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Here are for those who thinks Thor isn't bullet proof(high tech guns and >= .50 caliber):

And this is how he is at the end(if you can see any scratches it's already a lot!!):

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So here we go again...

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I suggest scans of Thor vs Mangog that involves him tanking a beating, striking power for him, anti-matter blast in mountain level.

Thor vs thanosi that involves a anti-matter blast of planet level.

Durability-Piercing: Thor bullet proof(after RKT saga), bullet proof again against 1 trillion of dollars of high tech guns including calibers higher than .50 with no scratches at all(Thor:GOT), Thor tanking multiple Disir's slashes with Bor blades that in previous issues literally dismembered a regular Asgardian. Holding Malekith's sword with the hand with no injuries or minimal.

Durability-Energy/extreme temperatures and pressure: tanking a blast from Death Seed Sentry, Literally fighting inside the sun against Gorr, Survive being engulfed in Surtur's essence for a long time, survive being engulfed in Exitar's cosmic energies that literally disintegrated future Abomination.

Combat speed: That's the place where you put Thor vs Fenris and Loki and the casual motion of Thor's arm(while Spider-man was looking) where spider man couldn't release the hammer before being in space, strike the ground before quicksilver hit him.

travel speed: TGOT "stars flickered...''(you know what I'm talking about), outracing Ego.

Divinity: when Thor mentions he can do a Godblast in Ego's surface.

Weather manipulation/energy: Lighting capable of hurting Mikaboshi, KO Ego with lightning, (original Sin) Thor absorbs a storm capable of shaking worlds and than releases the energy to brake the barrier of the tenth realm, one-shots Hulk, obliterates Sentry-Void.

Durability-blunt: Tanking a beating from Odin in the destroyer armor.

Striking: knock the Phoenix force into another planet, destroy Demogorge's heart, one-shots modok, make an explosion when hits Ultron, Destroy ultron's head made of planadium(planadium> secondary adamantium), hits the collector, kills Ragnarok, kills Angrir.

Skills: Young Thor easily beats Sif in a sword fight, Thor two-shots Hogun and Fandral both fighting at the same time against him.

Thor stalemate classic Drax with the power gem and easily manhandle two hulks.